Between copywriting, list management and segmentation, deliverability testing and analytics, many email marketers have their plates full just running their current email program. By the time Friday comes around we’re wiped, and productivity can start to wane.

Instead of spending the afternoon clicking “refresh” on your metrics page to see how many new clicks your message got in the past 60 seconds or trying to get a jump on next week’s messages, carve out some time on Friday instead to shift your perspective and build something new. Schedule a 1-2 hour block on Fridays for your own Email Skunkworks, when your objective for the time is to find new ways to move your email program forward. Maybe it’s to tinker with a new design for some A/B testing of click-to-open rates, or devising a content strategy for a new niche newsletter. You might want to use the time to create a new onboarding campaign for new subscribers, or a win-back campaign for subscribers who have gone inactive.

The options are almost limitless, but what is important is finding some time each week to explore them. You can make incremental improvements in your email program every day, but breakthroughs only happen when you give your mind (and schedule) the space it needs to be creative.

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