Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week:

Email Subscribers Not Fully Engaged With Marketing Programs (via Mediapost)
New research from the Email Experience Council shows a drop in engagement among new list subscribers. The upside is that triggered messages generate 122% more click-through and only account for 2.6% of email volume.

Business Users Rely on Mobile Devices for a Lot More Than Email (via CNBC)
We already knew that business users were checking their email on their phones and tablets all day (and night). It turns out they are also accessing business product information and watching videos that (they claim) are business-related. The upshot: mobile is more deeply integrated than ever.

Congress Looks to Tighten Email Privacy Law (via Macworld)
A sorely needed update to the 1986 law is said to propose requiring a search warrant before accessing private email or social media interactions.

What Facebook’s Phone and Email Targeting Really Means (via Ad Age)
Facebook’s new product allowing marketers to target their email subscribers on the site is not new at all. Called “Retargeting CRM” it has long been available on AOL, MSN and Yahoo!. What is new though is the low expense and simplicity of use Facebook brings, which is likely to appeal more widely to a mass market and smaller businesses.

“Log In to unsubscribe to this email”: annoying, possibly illegal (via ars technica)
Language in the CAN-SPAM act seems pretty clear on the point that requiring a login with password in order to unsubscribe is not permitted. When pressed on the issue, however, FTC officials waffle.

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