Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week:

On Email’s 30th Birthday, “Father of Email” Predicts Email at Center of Connected Messaging Future (via ReadWriteWeb)
The engineer working on ARPANET in 1971 and who sent the first electronic message from one computer to another discusses the channel’s adoption as an alternative to the phone, and sees a future where IMs and other messages are automatically converted to email if they’re not acted on in an activity stream.

INBOX PAUSE Lets Gmail Users Postpone Email Delivery (via lifehacker)
A new Gmail plugin called INBOX PAUSE does what the name suggests – allows recipients to hold their email while they finish something they’re working on, enjoy a quiet dinner without a phone buzzing at them, or go on vacation. Email engagement metrics for these users will be similarly delayed.

New Kindle Fire Tablets Have Integrated Email App (via Amazon)
The Kindle Fires that launched this week are email-ready, with a new integrated app that is compatible with Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!. At price points starting at $199, the Kindle Fire could see huge adoption and become a significant mobile email platform, impacting email marketers’ design, content strategy and mailing schedule.

How to Boost Email Marketing with Videos (via iMedia Connection)
A recent study found that including the word “Video” in the subject line of an email increased clicks by 7% – 13%. Embedding video into email is not yet ready for prime time, but integrating video – with a screenshot and “play” arrow that launches a video separately – can have a significant enough impact on results to shape a content strategy around it. Customer testimonials, webinar trailers, even personalized video follow-ups are all possible uses.

The 4 Distinct Personalities of Connected Consumers (via iMedia Connection)
The IBM Institute of Business Value rolled out a new study of 3800 consumers, which grouped them into separate personalities based on their technology connectedness. The largest of these at 41% are the “Efficiency Experts,” who rely on email and social channels to make their lives easier. Other segments are “Social butterflies,” “Content kings,” and “Connected maestros,” each of whom have different approaches towards digital channels. Understanding them helps marketers better craft and target messages and campaigns.

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