Real Magnet has released new Permissions functionality for Admins of  Real Magnet-AMS integrations.  Admins  now can control user access to 3 key parts of the integration:

  • The ability to transfer lists to Real Magnet
  • Select what tracking data is returned to the AMS/CRM
  • The ability to managing unsubscribes

Moreover, you have 3 options for access-levels:

  • Full Access (default)
  • Read Only Access
  • No Access

Here’s how it works:

  • First, an Admin must have regular Admin rights in Real Magnet. Users with admin rights can control user access to any function in Real Magnet (e.g. User A is blocked from uploading lists; User B is blocked from creating content, etc.)
  • Users with Admin rights will see a “View/Edit” permissions option at: Tools>Account Management.

(If you do not see the View-Edit permissions option, you’re not an Admin.  To become an admin, have your company’s Real Magnet account manager make the request to Michelle Srnecz at

  • From here, select the user for whom you want to set permissions. 

  •  This takes you to the user’s Permissions Selection Page, containing permissions options for ALL of Real Magnet’s functionality.  One permission is Integrations Permission.  Users with Integrations Permission can control user access to functions of the integration (list transfers, selecting what Real Magnet tracking data returns to the AMS, managing unsubscribes).

  • Admins with Integrations Permission will see the Integration Access Levels object at the bottom of every user’s Permissions Selection Page. This is where the user integration access levels are set.

  • The other thing users with Integration Permission will see is a new item on the main Account Management Page (Tools>Account Management), also called Integration Access Levels. This link takes you to a central management page for integration permissions. To edit a user’s permission, either click the username or select it from the “Choose Login” pull-down menu. Either action will cause the user’s access level pull-down options to be displayed.

This concludes the tutorial.  If you have any questions, please contact your Integration Rep., or customer support at 301-652-5075 or