I’ve written before about posting your newsletters on Facebook and other social channels to expand their readership. But what if your email messages are so compelling that their contents could lure new readers? Social media can help with that too. All you need to do is know the content of the message a couple of days before you send it out.

For example, let’s say your semi-annual 20% off sale runs next week, and you are giving your email subscribers an additional 10% off if they use a personalized promo code you are sending them. Letting your Facebook fans and Twitter followers know a couple days before the message hits – and promoting a link to your subscribe page – can boost your signups in advance of the mailing.

Your semi-annual 20% off sale could also be a $100 discount to your conference or some highly desirable content, like a new piece of industry research or custom cuts from survey data.

Using social to promote your subscription options in this way also allows you to employ a lead generation approach, not unlike a white paper strategy. Instead of finding opportune content to promote socially in order to lure new subscribers, you can wag the dog by creating content expressly for the purpose. Not only will this accelerate your email signups, but the unique and desirable content you are promising to them in your emails will also drive deeper engagement from your current subscribers. Win-win.