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The Email Week That Was, 10-12-12

Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week:

83% of CMOs Believe Social Media Will Impact Email (via MarketingSherpa)
In the same survey, smartphone and tablet adoption came in at 46%, so you know CMOs are pretty keenly focused on email and social integration.

50% of Americans Send Work Email from Bed (via New York Daily News)
This was spun as a story about how the barriers between work and home have eroded, but the reading for email marketers is very different. Absolutely we sympathize with their misfortune of being always connected, but since they are we might as well email them outside of the 9-5 parameters we used to use, right? Now is the time to start testing for your optimum time-of-day to send email. You may be surprised at what works best.

More Emails Opened on iPhone Than Any Other Client (via MarketingLand)
Note that the word “mobile” is not in that title. It’s not just that people are reading more email on their iPhones than on any other smartphone – they are reading more emails on their iPhones than any other mobile or desktop client, including Outlook which finally falls to 2nd. Obviously market penetration is part of it, but the other reason I think we’re seeing this trend is because people only put the email accounts they want to monitor on their iPhones. Messages that go there are more likely to be read than those that go to old addresses checked less frequently.

Facebook’s Email Address CRM Retargeting Ads Work (via TechCrunch)
The new program on Facebook allowing marketers to upload a customer or prospect email (or telephone) list and then serve targeted ads on Facebook to these people launched about three weeks ago. The early studies are coming in and the program seems to work. One case study is an ecommerce company that targeted prospects and lapsed customers and saw a 30% increase in conversion. I think the real value of Facebook Custom Audience Ads for email marketers is in engagement. With the increasing importance of engagement metrics on deliverability, I suspect we will see some interesting campaigns where marketers will target their subscribers on Facebook and let them know about the appealing newsletter or promotional offer landing in their inboxes right about … now.

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