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The Email Week That Was, 10-19-12

Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week:

Mobile Tap Errors Cut Conversion by 28% (via Chief Marketer)
The most interesting finding here is that the average adult finger covers 45 pixels on a smart phone screen. That makes fat-fingering a link or button pretty easy to do, and when that happens and the subscriber goes the wrong page, conversion drops by 28%. The solution is to pad your call-to-action buttons by 15 pixels so an errant click that misses the mark at least doesn’t go to the wrong page.

AOL Launches Alto, an Inbox Management Tool (via BusinessWeek)
Alto is not the name of a new AOL email service. Rather, it’s a tool that works with some existing email services (Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL or Apple’s iCloud mail to start) and functions like a skin. It’s quite intuitive to use and quite pleasant to look at, visually grouping mails by sender or topic or other categories into folders. There have been a ton of entrants in the inbox management space lately. Alto appears to be one of the most promising.

What Inbox Management Means to Your Email Brand and Narrative (via MediaPost)
A day before Alto launched, I wrote on the topic of inbox management in MediaPost. Similar to Facebook Timeline, tools like Alto allow your subscribers to group all a brand’s messages together. That means they see not just your last message, but get a glimpse of your whole email program at once. This should change how we think about the narrative quality of our email, and impacts everything from content strategy to voice to subject line.

Jon Stewart and President Obama Discuss Email Marketing and CRM (via The Daily Show)
Analysis of the email marketing programs of the presidential campaigns are appearing more commonly this year than in previous elections. But it turns out that not only are industry-watchers knowledgeable about how the candidates are using email – the candidates themselves are as well. President Obama was a guest last night on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and as the interview was wrapping up, Stewart said that he had just one more thing to ask the President: “You and I have been talking for a good 12 to 14 minutes. I am curious – during that time, how many emails do you think your campaign has sent me?” The President was surprisingly quick to demonstrate his understand his campaigns use of email and CRM by replying, “It depends on whether you’ve maxed out.”

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