Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week:

Pew Study: Email the Most Popular Activity for Tablet and Smartphone Users (via
Tablet and smartphone users rely on their devices for many different tasks. Chief among them is email. New research from Pew finds that 44% check email daily on their tablets, and 61% are in the inbox of their smartphone every day.

The Math Behind Gmail’s Spam Filtering (via
“Know thy enemy” said Sun Tzu. If you’re an email marketer, that enemy is the spam filter. Here’s a pretty fascinating look at the math that drives Gmail’s spam filter and how it gets smarter the more spam its users receive.

Infographic: Consumers’ Wariness of Divulging Personal Information (via DM News)
On the one hand we have the trend towards Big Data, behavioral targeting, and increasingly targeted communications that rely on offered and observed data. And on the other hand we have consumers’ growing distrust of companies tracking (85%) and sharing (87%) their information. There is also some healthy skepticism of the ROI of their privacy, with 78% of consumers believing they do not gain anything from sharing all that data.

Maily Introduces Kids to Email (via GeekSugar)
I’m not sure if this is more exciting to email marketers or parents, but someone has finally re-invented the inbox for kids as young as 4. It’s called Maily and it includes features like an image-driven inbox and contact list and parental features including automatic cc’ing of a parent and a parent-filter of all incoming messages.

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