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The Email Week That Was, 11-2-12

Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week:

Hurricane Sandy Disrupts Email Services, but not American Apparel’s Email Tactics (via Mashable)
American Apparel drew ire when it emailed its customers on the eastern seaboard with a “SANDYSALE” promo code good for 20% off over the next 36 hours – the period during which Hurricane Sandy was expected to make landfall (and did, of course, leaving 7 million without power and decimating the Jersey shore and southern Manhattan). Many customers were outraged and took to social media with e-pitchforks, clamoring for boycotts of the store. A follow up piece later in the week quotes the Amercian Apparel CEO as reporting that the campaign pulled tens of thousands of dollars in sales. He also defended his marketing team saying, “what you want to do in these events is keep the wheels of commerce going.”

Gmail Finally Ousts Hotmail as World’s Leading Email Provider (via GigaOm)
According to ComScore, Gmail now has 425 million users worldwide, more than Hotmail for the first time. In the US, however, Google’s email service still trails Yahoo!.

Over Half of Consumers Happy With Their Volume of Commercial Email (via
Color me skeptical, but “happy”? Maybe if the survey options asking how consumers felt about the volume of commercial email in their inboxes were a) Happy, b) Hungry or c) 43 I can see half of consumers responding “Happy.” But every other data point I’ve seen in the past 6 months suggests that inbox overload should be a growing concern to email marketers. Clutter and finite subscriber attention are the greatest challenges we face heading into 2013. It’s time to start addressing them now.

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