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The Email Week That Was, 11-9-12

Here is a quick summary of some of the more important and/or interesting news stories on email marketing to cross the transom this week:

Obama Campaign May Have Had The Most Sophisticated Email and CRM Program Ever (via Time)
Time magazine gives us a look inside “the Cave,” a windowless room in the Obama Campaign headquarters in Chicago, where a team of really smart analyst/technologist/marketers (think Nate Silver crossed with Seth Godin and that guy who left your development team to work at Google) developed and piloted one of the most sophisticated modeling and messaging systems I’ve ever come across. The article is a fascinating read as it allows us to glimpse the future of marketing – fully accountable, constantly evolving and improving, data-reliant, effortlessly relevant, and highly effective.

Obama Declares Election Victory Via Email First (via TechCrunch)
Continuing with the election theme this week is evidence of the value of community over audience. When the election was called for Obama on Tuesday night, before he took the stage in front of a live audience in Chicago and millions more on TV, President Obama first sent an email out to his subscribers thanking them for their role in his re-election.That’s pretty significant, and underscores the power of the inbox for relevant, personal messaging.

Email Shows You Care, Except When it Doesn’t (via truthdig)
Everything is relevant. The president showed his respect for his supporters by sending them an email, but New Jersey Governor Chris Christie picked up the phone to congratulate President Obama. Asked if he also called Governor Romney Christie replied, “No, we exchanged emails last night.” Your choice of communication channels always carries connotations.

Is Email Retargeting Coming to Twitter? (via Digiday)
Enough looking back; now let’s speculate on the future. Facebook’s Custom Audiences launched recently, allowing marketers to upload email lists of their customers and prospects and target them across Facebook. (CRM Retargeting has long existed on big sites like Yahoo! and AOL but the Facebook program is poised to bring the process to the mainstream through its low buy-in and ease of use.) Is the same feature coming to Twitter? Without expressly confirming it, a Twitter spokesperson has hinted as much. If this happens (and I think it will) the value of continuing to grow and nurture your email list becomes greater than ever, as your contacts become assets not just in the inbox, but on the social sites where they are at their buzzworthy best.

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