After 9 months in incubation, Real Magnet recently released the next gen version of its Content Editor. For many clients, this will be a game changer. The new editor provides a completely different experience. Using drag-and-drop technology, users – not a designer – can create the structure and content blocks for their own messages. You can pull in zones for additional columns, text, images, social sharing, dynamic content, RSS feeds and more. It even has its own built-in image editor!

To see what’s on the cutting-edge of editor technology, join us Thursday January 23 at 2 PM EST for a live webinar.  You also can download the Quick Start Guide and/or visit the editor’s Resources page.

But today we’re discussing just one element of the editor: a new function that adds a share button to an individual article and publishes it to your social sites. DID YOU CATCH THAT? I said PUBLISH to YOUR social sites. Functionality to “share” individual articles has been around for a long time. No big deal. But the ability to schedule and publish individual articles (or other discrete pieces of content) to your social sites? That’s breakthrough technology. Let’s say your email newsletter has 10 articles. Each article could be scheduled for publishing at a different time – creating heightened social awareness of your brand and content.

And it gets better and more innovative: Not only are you publishing Twitter and/or Facebook posts – you’re creating content for those channels that is truly optimized. Both the Facebook and Twitter versions will have an associated summary and image. That’s right, an image in Twitter! Moreover, because we’re leveraging their Twitter Card technology, we can accommodate 340 characters versus the customary 140.

The two images show the same tweet. The first image shows the non-optimized tweet, and the second image shows the optimized tweet. Which will work best for your branding and promotions?

This is cutting edge stuff that demonstrates Real Magnet leadership in developing integrated email and social marketing solutions. Here is a written overview of the Post/ Share zones.  If you’d like more information, please contact our support team at Not a customer yet? Please email