Real Magnet’s integration with Google Analytics provides a powerful solution for analyzing email’s role in generating traffic to your website. And if you’re using Social Magnet, Real Magnet’s integrations with Facebook and Twitter, Google Analytics will give you unparalleled insights into the effectiveness of each channel (email, Twitter, Facebook) in accomplishing your marketing goals.

Read on for an overview of our integration with Google Analytics and sign up for our special webinar to see it in action.

Google Analytics Overview

Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions. Google Analytics provides insights into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how you can keep them coming back. Among many other things, it lets you see who is visiting your website as a result of email campaigns.

This is good, but wouldn’t it be even more advantageous to measure how much email, Twitter, and Facebook contribute to the attainment of specific marketing goals? For example, how many people registered for the webinar via email, Twitter, and Facebook? Did email or Twitter drive more people to the products page? From which channel do we get the most traction on our blog? This type of rich data is now available to you in Real Magnet.

What You Can Track (Goal Types)

It works like this. First you define your marketing goals in Google Analytics. When recipients, friends, and followers complete a goal (e.g. register for a webinar, download a white paper), they are considered converted towards that goal. There are four types of Goals and each one is used to measure different actions.

Tracking Goal Conversions Across Email, Facebook and Twitter!

Once your Real Magnet and Google accounts are configured, we pull tracking codes from Google and append them to the links in your email and social messages.  So when a recipient, friend, or follower clicks, we track them all the way to conversion and provide you with smart, graphic conversion reporting.

You can see conversion data for individual messages. The image below shows a typical tracking page where 21 people converted (e.g. registered for our webinar) via email, and 1 each via Facebook and Twitter.  Google Goals also allows you to assign dollar values to certain goal types so you to see how much revenue was generated by an email, tweet, or Facebook Post!!

But where it really starts getting powerful is your ability to compare the effectiveness of the various channels over a defined time period and by multi-message campaigns.  This information is stored in our Reports Module.  In the image below, you’ll see the results for all messaging that took place over a one month period. The data is displayed in a table and in graphic form. Interestingly, it shows that while Tweets accounted for the vast majority of messaging, it was email that drove most of the conversions.

These are the types of insights you’ll have at your fingertips with Real Magnet’s Google Analytics integration!

Special Google Analytics Webinar – June 20th at 2 pm ET

Want to learn more about using Google Analytics and Goals with Real Magnet?  Join us for a 45 minute webinar that will go over how to add Google Analytics to your website, what you can track using Google Goals, and how to integrate it within the Real Magnet platform.  Sign up today and learn how to close the loop on your recipients!