Some of our customers are spending more time than necessary uploading lists into their Real Magnet account.  If you’re one of them, then you should learn about a simple, easy-to-implement process we’ve developed that automates the list transfer process and saves you and your organization a significant amount of time!

We call it Simple Data Transfer (Simple DT), which lets you set up an automated process for updating and adding contacts to your groups in Real Magnet.   This is particularly helpful to organizations that send recurring daily or weekly emails to lists that need to be continuously updated.  With Simple DT you can update all of your lists automatically in one fell swoop!

It’s a two-step process.  First, lists are transferred either manually or automatically from your database to a Secure FTP site or DropBox account.  Next, Real Magnet grabs the lists and brings them into your Real Magnet via either:

  • The Self-Help Scheduler — which is available under the Tools Tab and lets you select the source files, set the mappings, and execute the transfer manually or automatically,  or

      View of Scheduled List Uploads                  

  • File Upload API — which is designed for customers with technical resources that can support an API.  This one is simple and designed specifically for Simple DT.

Setting up Simple DT is easy to implement and once set up the streamlined process can save your organization innumerable man hours. Click here to find out more about simplifying your data uploads with Simple DT or contact Real Magnet Customer Support to set up your account.