Add social posts to your newslettersNewsletters may not be as fashionable as mobile or social, but they remain a communications staple for many organizations in print, digital and email. While you can tweak the subject lines and headlines and provide the most relevant content, use responsive design for mobile, and post the newsletter on your blog, inevitably you’re missing a piece of your audience that follows you socially and prefers to get nuggets of insights rather than lengthy discussions.

So what to do?  Tweet and post snippets of the most engaging content from the newsletter with a link back to the full newsletter. Create short videos to tweet and post introducing interesting pieces of content featured in the newsletter. Also consider doing a Social Newsletter, which pulls together the most interesting content you’ve posted, tweeted and blogged and send that to your email list to show them what they’re missing out on socially. This can easily be done using Real Magnet’s RSS to Email capabilities. Make sure to include links in the newsletter to like and friend you so you can extend your social universe.

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