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Turning On New Subscribers

Whether you’ve just added a new customer, newsletter subscriber, or member, your first email has the potential to make or break the relationship. The first email a new subscriber should receive is a triggered message confirming the new subscription or transaction. The performance of triggered messages is vastly superior to business-as-usual emails because it is the one time when you know your audience is attentive and even anticipating a message from you. However, simply telling them in machine-speak that their subscription is confirmed not only squanders nearly perfect audience attention; it also loses you the chance to build on the momentum they’ve started by subscribing in the first place, which pays off in every subsequent message.

So what to do?  Use your confirmation email to set the tone for the rest of your email program: be engaging, including links to your social sites and leaving them wanting more. Make it graphically appealing with calls to action and information about upcoming events and new products. Take this opportunity to ASK them what they would like to receive from you by giving them an opportunity to select which topics they’d like to opt-in to…and then send them only that information in future emails to build their trust in your brand.

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