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Google Glass Review: Email and Social Media #throughglass

How’d We Get So Lucky? There are about 10,000 glass explorers alpha testing Google’s vision for the future. In the last week, they were each given the opportunity to invite 3 others in the program.  So we did what many others did … We stalked the hashtag #googleglass on Twitter and pleaded with anyone who was willing to part with an invite … #noshame. (Thanks again @JasonOGrady!). This is revision 2 of glass and we got the understated charcoal one!

Product Manager Michael Al-Megdad (@dukejl) will take you through Google’s vision of the future, today’s realities and what this means for email and social marketing.

Digital Strategy Consultant Kim Mateus (@KimMateus) has graciously let us photograph her wearing glass.  Thanks Kim!

Onward to the review! Google’s Product Vision In April 2012 Google released a concept video showing off how a wearable device could completely alter the way we interact with the internet.  The device would project an augmented reality view on the world around you and provide relevant, current and location optimized bursts of information.  If that wasn’t enough, it would also provide a method of communicating and interacting with others that seems futuristic and non-intrusive.  No longer will you be viewing reality through a smartphone when you take a photo or video chat – your perspective is the perspective that can be seen and shared with anyone, in real time!

Google’s Product Reality 

Google’s Original Bubble Vision

Google Now card style interface.

The most obvious interface change is the move away from bubbles to a Google Now style format of content.  This has implications that we will discuss in the email interface section.

Email Interface and Implications

Email is almost as barebones as it gets.  All the actions you have via Gmail are present (Read More, Reply, Archive and Delete), but its safe to say no one will be reading your 10,000 word newsletter via Google Glass.  As it stands, the only images that are displayed are the ones via your contacts – so no images will appear in the body of your email message. Clicking a link in the message literally wasn’t even available before last month’s update and the process is more like a bad video game that uses your head as the controller. For message content, this Google Now card style format means that brevity is essential.  For email marketers, this means short bursts of information or prompts – everything else will either be deleted or read later on a different device. Social Media Interface and Implications It is early days but the main focus is that Glass shares content more than it consumes.  You’ll get notifications of interactions but you’re not going to be viewing your Twitter stream via glass (yet). You can view all the current glass explorer’s photos by searching the #throughglass hashtag on Twitter and Google+ … Here are some of ours:

Battery Life What is there to say but … Terrible Awful No Good Rotten Battery Life. This is the second generation of Google Glass and any battery improvements seem marginal at best. This by far is the one area that needs to improve to make glass useful in day to day life for the average wearer.  Glass will only get a day of battery life if you use it very infrequently … This is not smartphone where you can check it 100 times a day and not worry about killing the battery. Michael’s (@dukejl) Random Musings

How slick will this be when I can an @Uber thru Glass?!

Conversions: Reply to this email for X Offer … I think the future of conversion on wearables will be via writing back with a passphrase (Yes, Buy, Confirm etc).  Otherwise, it will be next to impossible to convert on these wearable devices.

This is the perfect layabout computer – on the couch or the bed, not even an ipad can compare with the connivence of Glass.

There really needs to be an iPhone companion app – missing out on turn by turn directions is a big loss for iPhone users.

I can’t wait to see the world 10 years from now when wearables are ubiquitous.

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