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Optimizing Twitter Posts with Cards

Ever need more than 140 characters to make your point on Twitter?  Twitter cards allow additional content to be generated along with your pithy tweet text.  There are many types of Twitter Cards (we’ve listed them below) and there reminiscent of those automatic Facebook destination previews when inserting a link.

Types of Twitter Cards

These cards are auto-generated when you insert URLs from certain compatible sites. Links directing to content on Youtube, Vimeo,  The Verge and many others will populate these twitter cards below the Tweet. Outside of image cards, all Twitter cards will have to be expanded by clicking a link.

Here are some other examples on Twitter:

The Verge:  Sony sells over 1 million PlayStation 4 consoles in just 24 hours

Youtube:  Take a trip around the world with rock star violinist @LindseyStirling

500px: Island in the sky

Every marketer wants higher engagement, and by providing more content or a flashy image, your tweets is have a higher chance of standing out.  You can even create Twitter cards based off content from your own site or blog (see below).

How To Create Twitter Cards from Your Site or Blog Content

Some HTML code will need to be added to your site or blog and your domain will need to be approved by Twitter.  After that, anytime someone posts content from your site on twitter, a twitter card will automatically be generated.  Please go here for more information.