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Save Your Sanity With Send Page Profiles

We get it. Repetitively typing the same fields over and over again can be a mind numbing experience. To save time (and your sanity!) we’ve created Send Page Profiles. These profiles allow you to autofill almost everything on the send page and they’re still able to be edited if you need to make a change on the fly.

Some Fields You Can AutoFill

To set up a Send Page Profile, simply go to the Tools tab and select Account Management. On that page you’ll see Send Page Profiles. Now you’ll be able to create an unlimited number of profiles that you can use to autocomplete the send page. Fill out the fields you want to have autocompleted and click submit. Now every time you’re on the send page you’ll be able to select from a drop down and have your fields filled in automagically! Please note this is a complimentary account level permission and you may need to contact our support team to enable it. You can reach them at or at 301-652-5074.

Send Page With Send Page Profile Enabled