In my two previous posts I explained why integrating your email and social media marketing is crucial, but how exactly do you do it? In a recent webinar, Integrated Email and Social Marketing: Tips and Trends, I discussed nine practical tactics that you can quickly and easily adopt that have generated great results for Real Magnet and our customers.

It’s very important to note that the success of these tactics depend on your audience’s perception of how valuable your content is to them. When implementing these methods it’s critical that you clearly communicate the specific benefits your audience will gain from your content.

Email Tactics

Send social versions of emails

When creating emails you can also create a Facebook post, tweet, etc. with a link to the emails at the same time. When you send the email the social media posts are automatically sent out as well. Not only does this save you time by not having to manually create and send the social posts, it significantly increases the reach of your emails by enabling people who follow you on social networks to share it with their followers. This can also increase email subscriptions by allowing people to sign up to receive future emails in their inbox.

Include Share With Your Network (SWYN) options

Encourage email recipients to share your emails via social media channels by including clickable icons that automatically generate social posts. If someone finds your content valuable and thinks others will as well, the icons make it very easy for them to share the information with their network. This is similar to the “forward to friend” feature in emails but social posts can be even more effective and reach a greater number of people. It’s simple and has no additional cost to you.

Provide “follow us” links to your social media profiles

Enable email recipients to easily follow you on social media channels by including clickable icons that link to your company’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or other profiles. When an email recipient follows you it increases the chances they will share the content you post to social media with their network, significantly amplifying the reach of your message. It also allows you to make the critical connection between their social media, email, and demographic information in your CRM or database, learn more about them and their interests, and improve your communications with them.

Send a specific email asking people to follow you on social media

In addition to including links to your social media profiles in your emails, a more direct approach is to send an email dedicated specifically to asking your email subscribers to follow you. Offering people a special benefit for following you, such as discounted pricing, a free trial, or an invitation to an exclusive, invite-only event significantly increases the chances people will follow you.

Include “follow us” links on email subscription and unsubscribe pages

If someone is no longer interested in receiving your emails and unsubscribes, you can turn a negative into a positive by including clickable icons to follow you via social media on your unsubscribe page. This prevents you from losing contact with that person, and may prove to be even more effective than email for engaging with that individual.

If someone subscribes to your emails and follows you on social media, this greatly increases the opportunities for them to share your content and amplify your messages.

Social Media Tactics

Create an email subscription opt-in form on Facebook pages and Twitter cards

You can easily make a tab on your Facebook page and use Twitter cards that have an opt-in form that enables people to subscribe to your emails, such as newsletters, directly from that social media channel. People that follow you on social media may not realize you utilize email and this offers a simple way for followers to opt-in to receiving them.

Send social posts driving people to your email subscription page

Similar to sending an email asking people to follow you on social media, you can post specific messages on your social media channels that include the benefits people will gain from your emails and a link to your email subscription page for them to sign up to receive them.

Benefits of an Integrated Approach

Discover and reward social influencers

People who consistently share or comment on your content from emails or social media, particularly people who have a large number of followers themselves, are influencers that greatly benefit you by amplifying your messages. Integrating your email and social media marketing allows you to identify these influencers and reward them by giving them special treatment, such as sending them an email with a discount promo code for their next purchase or inviting them to participate in a meeting with prominent industry leaders during an event. This enables you to more deeply engage with influencers and encourages them to continue purchasing from you and sharing your content.

Experiment with mixed media across channels

The best methods for sending communications and the best times to send them are different for every organization. To find out what works best for your company, you need to experiment by sending emails and social posts at different times and gauge the results. You’ll discover answers to critical marketing questions, such as:

Is it better to send email and social posts at same time, or is it more successful to use one channel, such as social, to drive momentum and then use email to close the deal?

What channels perform better?

What types of content have the most impact in each channel?

There is no exact formula so I recommend experimenting, tracking results, analyzing results, re-calibrating, and repeating until you know what works best for you.

How do you effectively track and analyze results of your marketing efforts? I’ll answer that question and many others in my next post when I discuss how to implement these email and social media tactics using Real Magnet.

What integrated email and social media tactics have generated great results for you? Post a comment and share your insights.