Real Magnet’s Post/Share Article function allows you to post individual pieces of email content to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  It also offers an option for adding a share button so your recipients can share the content with their social circles. Share functionality has been around for a long time, so no big deal. But the ability to schedule and publish individual email articles to your social sites? That’s breakthrough technology. Think about it: Let’s say your email newsletter has 10 articles. Each article can be scheduled to be published at different times creating a mini-marketing campaign across your email and social channels.

And it gets better: Not only are you publishing Twitter and Facebook posts – you’re creating content for those channels that is truly optimized.  Both the Facebook and Twitter versions will have an associated summary and image. That’s right, an image in Twitter! Moreover, because we’re leveraging their Twitter Card technology, we can accommodate 380 characters versus the customary 140.

How To UseThe Post/Share Article Feature

To access this feature, you must be using Real Magnet’s New Content Editor.  Go to the editor’s Zones tab and drag the “Post/Share Article” icon into a zone.

Post/Share Zone

Once the zone is added to the message, a pop-in appears asking you for to add certain parameters to create the content

Post/Share Article Zone

Layout: You can position your image on the right, left, or top of the article. Check “No Image” if you are not using one.

Note:  Because we optimize the content for both Facebook and Twitter the image should not exceed 120 by 120 pixels for left and right images. 

Article Title: Type the title of your article

Article URL:
Create a hyperlink for your title by adding a URL to this field. When a message recipient clicks on the article title they will be taken to whatever page is hyperlinked to the article.

Add a SWYN zone for this article: Check this box to give your recipients the option of sharing the article with their social networks.

Social Publishing Options
Tweet this article: Check this box if you wish to tweet the article.
Post this article on Facebook: Check this box if you wish to post the article on Facebook.

Sending The Email and Posting It’s Articles

After creating your content,  you’ll be prompted to send the email and post its articles, towards the bottom of the Send To Groups Page.  You have several options for scheduling the Twitter and Facebook posts:

Manage Social Versions


  • Do Not Post
  • Post them at the same time as your email message
  • Post them at an interval (5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes)
  • Schedule them individually

Once your email and social posts are scheduled, click the send button and you’re done.

The End Result …

Congratulations! You’ve now created a mini marketing campaign across email and social media. As shown in the example below, the content block from your email message is now posted as a fully optimized Twitter Card!

You can also see how we optimize the twitter post.  Here is an example of a regular twitter post compared to an optimized one.


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