What? They’re Messing With Gmail Again?!

Short answer – kind of. Gmail’s widely loathed tab view is getting a new way to view messages in the promotions tab. You can see in the image below that each email message is showing a logo, banner image and the subject line displayed 3 in a row.  It’s like Pinterest – but with emails!

Experimental Email View- Promotions Tab

This is partly an attempt to appease email marketers whose content already was somewhat hidden in the Promotions tab. This new approach should provide higher recipient engagement since they’ll have visual clues of the content of the message. Right now its just an experiment that Google will be evaluating based on user feedback/use.

Thats Cool – How Can I Try It?

Google is allowing anyone interested in having this enabled sign up for it here: g.co/gmailfieldtrial. You must have the promotions tab enabled and they don’t promise to allow everyone in the trial. Good luck, and if you do get selected, we’d love for you tweet @RealMagnet with your experience.

How Content Consumption Is Evolving (And Why Real Magnet Is Awesome)

Google is not alone in attempting to reformat how content is consumed. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pintrest and many others already utilize a similar concept when posting content. When you insert a link that is going to an optimized site, all those platforms create a post with an image, description and title from the destination site (as shown below).

Our intrepid product manager (@dukejl) has seen this trend of content optimization coalescing around a format of ‘Title, Description, Image and Link’ for a while. If you think about it, most email messages operate with the same structure – you have a brief content block with a Title, Description, Image, and Link, and your end goal is to get the reader to click the link to read more, signup for a webinar, and so forth.

So get on with it – why is Real Magnet awesome? Well in our application when you create your email content you can also create an optimized Twitter Post (with Twitter Card) and Facebook post with image, description and link. We call the option Post/Share Article Zones (a catchier phrase has never been created before) and it is insanely powerful. Think about it – for each email article you’re creating an optimized Facebook and Twitter post. If your email has 10 articles, you now have 20 optimized social media posts. By simply creating your email message you’re also creating a mini marketing tsunami of content. The social posts can go out all at once, at an interval between 5 and 20 minutes, or be scheduled on an individual basis.

Future Vision (aka Baseless Speculation Corner)

So why is Google running this experiment? We think it has everything to do with the Android Wear announcement made earlier this month. What better way to cycle through emails on a smart watch but this card format? Think we’re wrong (or right)? Talk to us – what do you think this means for the future of email and content? Hit us up on Twitter @RealMagnet or chat with our Product Manager @dukejl.

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