Understanding Real Magnet’s New Approved Sender Enhancements

Real Magnet has added new functionality to its Approved Sender feature in order to provide greater flexibility over the message approval process. The goal of Approved Sender is to give organizations the capacity to have one or multiple member(s) of management review the messages of designated senders before the message is sent.

Two new features have been added:

  • The first addition allows managers to permit a sender who requires approval (an Approvee) to select their own Approver on a per job basis.
  • The second new feature allows the administrator to set a group of Approvers for a particular sender. This group can be set to require that only one Approver in the group is needed to approve or kill a message, or it can be set such that ALL Approvers’ consent is required before the message is distributed. An organization could choose the former if they simply want to know that a member of management has seen the message, without having to hold the message off while all managers approve it. On the other hand, some organizations may prefer that all managers endorse the message before it is sent.

How to Use it:

In order to utilize and manage Approved Sender, you must have the functionality enabled in your account, and you must have Administrative rights. For assistance, please contact Real Magnet support at (301) 652-5074.

First, let’s discuss how an Approvee can select their own “Approver.”

To locate Approved Sender:  ( Home > Tools > Feature Settings > Approved Sender )

After clicking on Approved Sender you will be prompted to select a user from the Approvee drop-down list.

Approvee Set-up Page

Next, select the “Allow user to select own approver for each send,” option and click ‘submit.’ Now, when that sender goes to launch a job, they will be required to select an Approver. The job will not be launched until the Approver endorses it.

Select own Approver allows an Approvee to select their own Approver for this specific job.

Now let’s discuss the group approval option. From the approvee set-up page, select ‘Select approvers now.’ Two text boxes will appear; you can select one Approver, or many, by simply selecting their user name and clicking the double right arrow button, which moves them into the “Approver” boxes.

Select a group of Approvers for a particular Approvee

Before clicking Submit, you have one last decision to make: is just one Approver enough, or must ALL group members approve the message?

By checking the box circled by the red oval in the image above you will require that all managers sign off on a message before it goes out. If one approver from the list declines, the message will not be distributed. By leaving the box unchecked, only one approver will be enough to either approve or deny the message.

Click ‘submit’ to confirm.

Approvers can see the list of messages waiting for approval in the message queue. Simply go to Tools, and then Cancel / Message Queue. Choose whether to approve or cancel the job by checking the boxes at the far right.

An Approver goes to the Message Queue in the Tools tab to approve messages from an approvee.

This is end of the Real Magnet tutorial on Approved Sender. For help or further information, please contact Real Magnet Support at (301) 652-5074 or Support@Realmagnet.com.