Missed our webinar last week? Here are 5 of the 10 most useful (but often overlooked) Real Magnet features we revealed…

Real Magnet is chock full of features designed to help you create, manage, send, and track online marketing messages. But even our most advanced and tenured users are unknowingly missing out on many great tools that can help simplify and supercharge their marketing efforts. That’s why we’ve decided to pull back the curtains and shine a spotlight on some of our more underutilized features that can have a major impact on the success and efficiency of your marketing campaigns. Take a look!

1. Responsive Design: Responsive Design is a coding technique that allows websites and email messages to provide an optimal viewing experience, no matter what device (desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.) the site or message is accessed from. While Responsive Design is incredibly mobile-friendly, it does not sacrifice the quality of the viewing experience on desktop computers. If you come across a site where the images and banners adjust as you alter the size of your browser window: that’s Responsive Design!

To use Responsive Design, you need an experienced in-house designer, or you can lean on Real Magnet’s design team. For more information on Responsive Design, please contact your Account Manager or email Graphics@RealMagnet.com today.

2. Unsubscribe Categories: Allowing your recipients to easily unsubscribe and manage their preferences is critical for any online marketing campaign. Real Magnet provides various unsubscribe methods that you can choose from. And while options like ‘Unsubscribe from All Groups’ and ‘Unsubscribe to this Group Only’ are pretty self-explanatory, Real Magnet provides two additional and powerful unsubscribe options:

  • Unsubscribe from Group Category: Group Categories allow you to associate multiple groups into a ‘Group Category’. When a recipient unsubscribes from ONE group in the Group Category, he/she will be automatically unsubscribed from ALL groups within that category.
  • Unsubscribe from Message Category: Message Categories allow recipients to unsubscribe from a particular TYPE of content (e.g. Promotions, Newsletters, Events, etc.) regardless of what groups they are in. Each time you create a message, you’ll be required to associate it with a Message Category. If a recipient opts out of a message, he/she will no longer receive that “type” of message.

We understand that choosing and managing unsubscribe options can be complex, but when done well can have a significant impact on your overall marketing results. Please call your Account Manager or email Support@RealMagnet.com for help.

3. Automated Content Creation/ RSS Features: Real Magnet offers two RSS-based features that let you repurpose your already-created blog content and distribute it automatically through multiple channels via Real Magnet.

  • RSS2Email. RSS2Email allows for new blog posts to automatically be captured, converted into a message within Real Magnet, and then distributed to a pre-determined list of recipients. Without any additional effort, your blog posts are now serving double-duty as email newsletters… automatically.
  • RSS Zones. With RSS Zones you can easily import a blog feed into your email newsletters within Real Magnet. When you drag an RSS Zone into the body of a message, it will ask you to provide a URL to pull feeds from. The feature will pull the latest blog posts uploaded to that feed, and allow you to choose which entries you want displayed in your email message. This is a great way to include recent blog posts in your email newsletters without doing any additional work.

4. Campaigns: This allows you to create business rules for automating repetitive steps in a campaign, saving time and increasing efficiency. A few examples of campaigns you can create include:

  • Welcome emails to individuals who sign up for your email newsletter.
  • Membership renewal campaigns for members who are about to expire.
  • Subscriber renewal campaigns for paid subscribers who are about to expire.
  • Follow-up emails to recipients who clicked on a particular link or opened a particular email.
  • Suppression campaigns to remove email addresses that consistently bounce.

5. Marketing Automation: Our ‘Campaigns’ functionality is getting a big upgrade soon to Marketing Automation. This will come with an improved interface and workflow. Marketing Automation will include pre-configured yet editable campaigns that you can select from, customized reports specifically for marketing automation, lead scoring, and web tracking to allow you to see how visitors interact with your websites. With Marketing Automation and web tracking, you’ll be able to set up triggers according to the actions/ behaviors a visitor performs on your site.

If you need help finding or activating any of these great features, or for more information on how to use them, please contact Real Magnet Customer Support at Support@RealMagnet.com, or call (301) 652-5074. And in the meantime, stay tuned for Part 2 of 2!