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Awesome Features in Real Magnet that Everyone Should Know – Part 2 of 2

Missed our recent webinar? Here are 5 of the 10 most useful (but often overlooked) Real Magnet features we revealed!

In part 1 of this post, we revealed 5 of the 10 most useful, but often overlooked, features in Real Magnet. In this post we present the remaining 5 and hope they help impact the success and efficiency of your marketing campaigns today!

6. Social Quick Post: You put so much time and effort into creating your email messages. Wouldn’t it be nice, with a simple click of a button, to automatically post those email messages to your Twitter followers and Facebook fans? The Social Quick Post feature allows you to do just that. You can simultaneously post an email message to Facebook and Twitter with the simple check of a box.

7. Post/Share Article Zones: Take your email and social integration to the next level with Real Magnet’s Post/Share Article feature. This feature allows you to post individual pieces of email content to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This ability is groundbreaking; not only are you automatically creating and publishing content for your social accounts, but you are creating content for those channels that is truly optimized. This means that both the Facebook and Twitter versions will have an associated summary and image (see below for examples). That’s right, an image in Twitter!

Plus, because we’re leveraging Twitter’s Card technology, we can accommodate 380 characters versus the customary 140.

8. End-User Permissions: One of Real Magnet’s most powerful management features is End-User Permissions. This feature gives your managers complete control over how your Real Magnet account is accessed and used. End-User Permissions allow Administrators to block or allow certain users from using a particular feature or function within Real Magnet. An Admin can prevent a user from sending messages, uploading lists, creating assets, etc.

9. Useful ‘Tools Tab’ Features: Our Tools Tab offers lots of great features. Here are 3 of our favorites:

10. Useful ‘Tools Tab’ Reports: While we have over 65 standard reports available in our ‘Reports Tab’, there are also a few reports in our ‘Tools Tab’ that often get missed:

If you need help finding or activating any of these great features, or for more information on how to use them, please contact Real Magnet Customer Support at, or call (301) 652-5074.