How to Set Template Zone Editing Restrictions

Real Magnet has introduced a new feature that allows template designers to restrict the available editing tools that users can utilize to edit individual zones within their templates. This is designed to help protect an organization’s branding by restricting the creative latitude of individual users.

Using the Template Zone Editing Restrictions, the template designer can deactivate the use of the various editing tools on a per zone basis, including: Delete, Edit, Copy, Drag, Drop, and Disable (which completely prevents the user from interacting with that particular zone) and many more.

To implement Template Zone Editing Restrictions you must be in Template Editing mode.

Messages Tab > Templates > Select desired template from Templates grid > Edit > 

To set Editing Restrictions on zones within the template, start by activating Bypass and Edit Restrictions. 






Once you have activated Bypass and Edit Restrictions, click on the individual zone you want to add Zone Editing Restrictions to.

When you click into the zone, a new menu will open in the left navigation menu displaying the available restriction options that can be applied to the zone.

Click the checkboxes next to the editing options that you want to prevent users from utilizing in that zone.

Repeat these last two steps on any zone that you want to have restricted editing options.




Once you have selected all the zone editing restrictions that you want to implement, go back to the tools menu to activate them.






Click on Activate Restrictions to activate the zone editing restrictions you selected, and then click “Save Changes” to finalize.

As you can see, after implementing Zone Editing Restrictions, the Edit, Copy and Drag functions are no longer available in that zone.


There are important considerations for users who want to apply Zone Editing Restrictions to zones that are nested within other zones. Zone Editing Restrictions do NOT cascade from parent to child or vice versa, meaning that if you set Zone Editing Restrictions for one, those changes don’t automatically apply to the others. You must set your Zone Editing Restrictions for every single zone within the parent-child structure.

This issue usually presents itself when utilizing the two or three column zone. Each additional zone that is brought into each column will then have to be formatted independently with the Zone Editing Restrictions that you want applied to the parent zone.

For example, the two column zone above would have one set of Zone Editing Restrictions; any WYSIWYG, image, RSS, or other type of zone that you pull into each of the column zones would have its own set of Zone Editing Restrictions, making a total of three different Zone Editing Restrictions that you would have to set.

This is end of the Real Magnet tutorial on Template Zone Editing Restrictions. For help or further information, please contact Real Magnet Support at (301) 652-5074 or