It was a brutal winter for most of us across the United States. Now that the sun is shining and the birds are chirping, we’re back to our yearly routines of cleaning out closets, sprucing up our lawns, and getting ready for the rest of 2014.

Like your home during those cruel winter months, your Real Magnet account gets cluttered and cramped over time, and can benefit from a thorough cleaning. What better time than now, when spring is in the air? Follow these tips and get your Real Magnet assets better organized to cut down on time spent surfing through grids, get a fresh look at your reporting metrics, and even improve your deliverability rates!

5 Useful Spring Cleaning Tips to Help Organize Your Real Magnet Account

1. Use Folders to Organize Assets. Are you creating multiple messages and/or groups per week? Are multiple colleagues or departments creating assets in the same account? Do you have messages, groups, surveys, or templates for different purposes? A great way to de-clutter your Real Magnet grids and make all of your assets easier to find is to use the Folders feature. This is an add-on feature that must be enabled for your account.

Once the feature has been enabled, click on the open folder icon at the top right corner of any grid to start using Folders. Each tab has its own folder structure associated with it, meaning you can only manage the assets that belong to that specific tab (i.e. to organize groups, click on the folders icon in the Contacts tab, to organize messages, click on the folders icon in the Messages tab).

2. Use the Hide Assets Feature to Keep your Grids Clean. Are your grids cluttered with old messages, groups, and other assets that you no longer use? While you might feel the urge to delete these unwanted assets, deleting them will also delete valuable tracking information. The best way to clean up your grids without completely getting rid of these assets is to hide them.

To hide unwanted assets, click on the Tools tab > Account Management > Hide/ Restore Assets. If you need help, call Support at 301-652-5074 or

3. Use Message Categories to Organize your Reports. Real Magnet’s email and social reports enable you to analyze trends that can help improve your strategy and recipient segmentation. A great way to gain added insight into your messages is to view reports based on Message Categories. This will allow you to group your messages into buckets (or categories) for the purpose of looking at tracking data across all of those messages. For example, you can view how each of your Newsletters perform against each other. Or you can compare the success of your Event Marketing promotions.

4. Clean up invalid email addresses. Sending emails repeatedly to invalid email addresses can negatively impact your email deliverability and open rates. There are several reasons why you may have invalid email addresses in your Real Magnet account:

• Incomplete records from uploaded lists

• Company addresses that are no longer active

• Fake addresses provided by prospects

If you have these in your database, they are likely showing up as recurring Hard Bounces, one of the most critical bounce types to monitor. Real Magnet classifies Hard Bounces into three different categories (Bad Domain, User Not Found, Generic Hard). Read more about these bounce types here.

To identify your recurring Hard Bounces, go to Contacts > Advanced Search > Bounced > select ‘Recurring bounces to these recipients’ AND ‘Generic Hard’ bounce type.

On the next screen you’ll set some parameters about how you want the system to search your Hard Bounces. The number of Hard Bounces and the time period you select will vary depending on how often you send email and how aggressive you want to be with bounce management. As a starting point, you could search 2 or more Hard Bounces in the last 30 days.

This will provide you with a list of email addresses that need your attention. From here you can export the list, add it to a group, edit any that are typos (“.cm” or “,com” instead of “.com”), re-upload the ones you were able to fix and permanently suppress the others.

5. Set Up Recurring Bounce Suppression Campaigns. In tip #4 we suggest cleaning and suppressing your invalid addresses manually. But you can also automate this process using our Campaign functionality. Real Magnet can set rules that automatically suppress these invalid email addresses after X number of bounces in X number of days.

Again, the parameters will vary based on your frequency and how aggressive you want to be with bounce management.

To get some guidance on setting up automated suppression campaigns, contact your Strategic Account Manager or email

These Spring Cleaning tips will not only help you organize your Real Magnet assets, but they’ll help you deploy your jobs more efficiently, freeing up time to focus on other tasks! If you need help with any of these tips, call Support at 301-652-5074 or