Real Magnet users who are uploading images taken via iPhone (iOS 4 or greater) may experience issues with the orientation of images that are uploaded into messages and sent out to recipients.

As of 2010, Apple upgraded the camera software on iPhones to better compete with traditional digital cameras, and started appending EXIF data to orient images.

What is EXIF data? EXIF data is information written to the image that tells a device (a computer, other camera, even a television) what the orientation of the image should be.

Unfortunately, while creating a message within Real Magnet images will look correct. It is not until the message is opened that issues may arise. If the message is opened in Gmail or other web-based email applications the images will display correctly.

Original Image

However, images opened via Email clients like Outlook might have a vastly different result, as images may display sideways or upside-down (as in the three below).

Image After Delivery

Suggested Solutions

 1.   Take the Picture with your iPhone in an Upright Position

Images may display incorrectly if an image is taken with the phone positioned horizontally or upside-down. The easiest way to avoid this problem is simply take any pictures on an iPhone with the phone pointed vertically, with the action buttons at the bottom (as in the example to the right).

 2.   Using the New Editor

Using the new editor in Real Magnet allows you to take advantage of the powerful Pixlr Image Editor. This image editor will not only overwrite the EXIF data, but it will also allow you to resize or append your own set of stamps.

To learn more about our New Editor, check out our  Quick Start Guide or visit the editor’s Resources page.

 3.   Testing Makes Perfect

Test your message against Real Magnet’s deliverability tool which will not only test your message against popular email clients but will also test your content against popular spam detection tools like Postini or Spam Assassin.

Using these recommendations above you’ll be able to lock down your image orientation so that your message is well received.