Real Magnet

Share Your Lessons and Successes at RMUG!

Last year’s RMUG attendees asked us for even more case studies and success stories, so for RMUG2014 we’ve included lots of opportunities for you to share and discuss your best practices and favorite Real Magnet usage experiences.

Please help the RMUG community by adding real-world examples! We’re interested in hearing about anything you can share that would be useful to fellow Real Magnet users. This could be an interesting promotional campaign, a data segmentation approach, or anything else! You don’t need to be a polished speaker to take part – as a matter of fact, you don’t even have to attend. An RMUG staffer can present on your behalf.

Please submit your success story, idea, or experience today – our deadline is July 31st, so be sure to share your thoughts right away. Submissions don’t have to be perfect – we’ll discuss and refine!