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Introducing Pre-Header Text Feature for Messages

From fields and subject lines are not the only information your recipients’ see in their inboxes. Pre-header text provides additional information that helps clue the recipient in on what to expect within the email. Real Magnet has added pre-header text functionality to messages, giving marketers another tool to help grab readers’ attention as they decide whether or not to open a message.

Pre-header text usually displays the first line of body text directly behind the subject line in the recipient’s inbox. By using Real Magnet’s pre-header text functionality you can now customize this text.

Pre-header text (highlighted above) in Gmail inbox

Why use Pre-header Text

There are many ways that marketers can utilize pre-header text to improve their open rates on messages. Here are a few examples:

Pre-header Text Character Limitations 

Due to the range of pre-header text character limits among email clients, we recommend keeping your pre-header text to 75 characters or less. The length of your subject line may also negatively affect the amount of pre-header text displayed in your recipients’ inboxes, so keep both your subject lines and pre-header text as brief as you can. It’s also a good idea to keep the most important information in your pre-header as close to the beginning as possible – and, remember to test your message and pre-header text before sending.

Setting Up Pre-header Text in Real Magnet

Real Magnet’s pre-header text feature is an Admin permission that must be activated by Real Magnet Support.

Once the feature has been activated, you will be able to see the Pre-header Text field on the Send page (image below). Simply type in the pre-header text you want to display in your recipients’ inboxes.

Real Magnet Send Page showing pre-header text field

Want to learn more? If you are interested in using this feature, reach out to Real Magnet Support at: or (301) 652-5074.