Last year, RMUG 2013 was a great success. Our inaugural user group conference featured the unveiling of our New Editor, a keynote address by Jay Berkowitz, and many great sessions on email topics like design and deliverability. RMUG 2014 will be even better! We’ve added a new track, just for beginners; we will be providing even more marketing tips and best practices; and we will be unveiling our all-new Marketing Automation module.

So, how beneficial is attending RMUG? Don’t take our word for it – the following was written by Lauren Jonas, Director of Social Media and e-Messaging at the National Science Teacher’s Association, who graciously shares her experiences with her fellow Real Magnet customers…

10 Reasons I Loved RMUG 2013 and Am Coming Back This Year

  1. Loved meeting the people I talk to all the time! Catherine Curtin, Dennis Lata, and Shaifali Gupta, who must never leave their offices since they get back to me within minutes whenever I need help.
  2. As much as I love RM employees, I also like that they don’t do all the talking. I learned a lot from people who are doing what I’m doing. My association just re-did its opt-out page for our newsletters and we used a lot of info that I got from the ACS speaker at last year’s RMUG.
  3. I feel smart using terms I learned, like golden triangle and device agnostic.
  4. I sleep better at night now that I know how much work RM puts into deliverability.
  5. Being in downtown DC during one of the prettiest times of year in Washington was phenomenal.
  6. Now I know how to pull the metrics that matter to my boss—and that let our department highlight our successes.
  7. I Found out how easy A/B testing is and now I do it all the time.
  8. Got vital info on industry best practices—like how not to get flagged as a spammer!
  9. Test-driving the new editor was FUN, and I hear this year they’ll have something even better to try.
  10. The red swag bag is multifunctional like RM— it’s a beach bag, re-usable grocery bag, etc.