Most publishers find that the best prospects for upsells are their new subscribers. The classic strategy many publishers employ is to send a series of “Welcome messages” to new subscribers in the hopes of triggering quick upsell conversions.

But how effective are these types of campaigns, really? And perhaps more importantly, how do you know if your campaigns are as successful as they can be?

Are you sending too many messages? Are you sending too few messages? Is the interval between each message optimal? Are different types of subscribers engaging differently with your content?

It is these and other questions that Marketing Automation can help answer. MA can help organize these types of campaigns and provide critical business intelligence to help publishers maximize profits. The following are few tips to make sure you are maximizing the analytical data that your campaign should be generating (like with other campaigns, your analysis should be multi-dimensional):


Be sure you have the capability to tie conversions back to specific messages/campaigns. This helps answer questions such as which messages are driving the most revenue, which messages produce the most revenue for a specific product, etc.


Use comparative message tracking to see which messages have the highest and lowest engagement rates. This will help pinpoint inflection points and provide insight into campaign adjustment (different number of messages, different content in messages, subject line adjustment etc.).


Always have a dedicated (and specific) lead scoring campaign associated with your Welcome Campaign. Assign scores based on specific interactions with welcome message content. This will provide key intelligence as to which recipients are close to buying and will help you allocate sales resources accordingly. Dedicated lead scoring can also help answer questions such as:

  • Which type of subscribers are interested in which content? (segment according to whatever is important to you – example:  job title or geographic region).
  • How quickly do certain types of subscribers engage with content? For example, are CEOs engaging quickly and then their interest wanes? Are subscribers from the west coast more likely to be interested in a certain publication?
  • Which subscribers only “Open” my emails, but do not click.
  • What pages on my website are most frequently visited after a subscriber click a link in an email?


Have one metric to quickly identify campaign engagement. Look at open rates and click through rates. Is engagement trending up, holding steady or declining? Look for “email fatigue” and consider adjusting the number of messages and intervals between messages.


Welcome campaigns may be your best sales weapon to score quick upsell conversions. Invest just a little more time on the analytics side and you may be surprised at how quickly you can improve results.

Keep Automating!