Marketing BullseyeSuresh Vittal of Adobe has written an insightful article on a key marketing trend to look for in 2015:  the use of tools and tactics for “hyper-targeting”.  Are you using Real Magnet’s Dynamic Content feature?  Or its new Marketing Automation module?  Vittal’s article underscores the power and importance of these features in an age of the overflowing in-box.

From the article:

“2014 was an exciting and influential year from a digital marketing perspective: consumers craved more from brands, and some marketers stepped up and delivered with the kind of integrated and immersive experiences we could only dream about before. As a marketer and a consumer, I was wowed by brands like Geico, Walmart, and Coca Cola, to name a few.” 

And marketing in 2015 is positioned to be more robust and revolutionary than in 2014. Here are the trends and techniques that are fast-emerging for next year … 

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