Thought marketing automation was too complex? Not anymore.

January 28th, 2015

Real Magnet’s novel approach to marketing automation makes it easy for marketers to run multi-channel campaigns by providing industry-based templates.

The launch of another marketing automation platform might sound like ho-hum news. But today, Real Magnet, an email and social-marketing services provider, announced a major expansion that puts a new spin on it, giving marketers an easy way to automate inbound and outbound marketing campaigns. The company’s new marketing automation service simplifies the often-complex task of automated, multi-channel marketing by providing easy-to-customize campaign templates for marketers in various industries, such as associations, publishing, hospitality, retail, legal, higher education and more.

“Although marketing automation has been around for a while, marketers outside of the Fortune 500 and technology industry have been slow to adopt,” says Real Magnet co-founder and CEO Tom Pines, explaining that marketers have been shying away because most marketing automation systems are too hard to use. “Most platforms provide a blank canvas for creating campaigns, forcing the marketer to figure out all of the nuances and logic of a campaign. They invest a lot of time and resources hoping to generate leads and increase revenue, but then can’t figure out how to make it work.” Research supports his conclusion, indicating that 86% marketers consider ‘ease of use’ as the most important criterion when evaluating automation tools.

Real Magnet’s unique campaign templates solve the complexity problem by allowing a marketer to choose an industry, and then select from common campaign types used in that industry, including Inbound marketing and nurturing campaigns, event and product promotions, conference and webinar campaigns, fundraising campaigns, renewal campaigns, and much more. After selecting from among dozens of preset campaigns, the marketer simply answers a series of questions and completes a few short forms. Marketers can also customize campaigns, connect campaigns, and review and share campaigns with colleagues before launch.

“The smart marketers never lose sight of the importance of deliverability, because at the end of the day, email is the engine of marketing automation. Our app is built on 15 years of experience as a leading Email Service Provider,” says Tom. “The market as a whole has been screaming for a scalable solution that’s easy to use and doesn’t require an army of consultants to implement and adopt. We created templates for the common campaigns that marketers deploy every day. All the logic is baked right in, so all there is to do is choose a campaign, answer a few questions and enjoy the results.”

Learn more about the industry’s first easy-to-use marketing automation platform that takes into account your industry and the campaigns you tend to use most in your industry. Or, request a personalized tour.