Real Magnet

Measuring Member Engagement is WORTHLESS…

… if you don’t take that information and do something with it – again and again and again.

Here’s the situation:

A Google search on the term “member engagement” generated for me today a whopping 438,000 results, and a search on the term “member engagement scoring” generated 16,500 results.

This shows us that plenty of people are writing about member engagement – what it is and how to measure it. It’s an important concept and the fact that widespread discussion exists is a good thing.

What’s missing from the conversation, however, is anything new and helpful about what to do with that information. What’s missing is good news about how to take our improved understanding of the engagement levels and engagement types of our members and use that information to actually INCREASE their engagement and move our organization towards its business objectives.

That missing element, the usage of member engagement information as a basis for tangible action, has a name, and that name is Marketing Automation.

While it might sound a little tedious, Marketing Automation is incredibly flexible, incredibly interesting, and incredibly good news for association professionals.

What Marketing Automation brings to the “member engagement” party is TRIGGERING – the automatic sending of email messages to whoever fits certain criteria that you have set up in advance.

Triggering lets you forget about running reports and manually sending out appropriate messages for members in the following situations, because you know the system will automatically send the right message to the right person at exactly the right time for each individual. Examples include:

While there is great benefit in monitoring and scoring member engagement, the great untapped potential for associations is in taking action – the good news is that technology now exists that has been purpose-built specifically to help associations do this, easily and affordably!

Real Magnet Marketing Automation was developed specifically for associations and puts the power of triggering in your hands. Its core characteristics include: