Real Magnet Upgrades netFORUM Solution for Marketing Automation

Monday, Feb. 23 – (Austin, TX) – Today Real Magnet announced a major upgrade to its long-standing integration with Abila’s netFORUM Enterprise to accommodate its Marketing Automation solution. The upgrade adds new capabilities that allow Associations using netFORUM to take fuller advantage of Marketing Automation technology. Real Magnet partnered with Benel Solutions to develop the upgrade.

Highlights of the upgrade include the ability to:

  • Automatically trigger email campaigns to members or prospects based on their netFORUM “A-Score” or other information in their netFORUM record
  • Automatically add the most current membership information to on-going campaigns, such as membership renewal and welcome campaigns
  • Track the web pages a member or prospects visits on an association’s website and display the data in their netFORUM record
  • Create branded landing pages in Real Magnet – through the use of its state-of-the-art editor- that automatically update or create member records in netFORUM

In December, Real Magnet launched its version of Marketing Automation, which is built specifically for Associations. The app features prebuilt templates for common association campaigns, including Membership Renewal, Conference and Webinar Promotions, New Member Onboarding, Lead Scoring, and much more. It requires no coding, can be launched in a matter of days, and is licensed on a month-to-month basis.

“Marketing Automation technology is now within the reach of many Associations in terms of cost and useability,” said Tom Pines, Real Magnet’ CEO. “So many of the campaigns these folks are running – membership renewals, webinar and event promotions, welcome campaigns, etc. – consist of manual, repetitive tasks. These can be easily automated, giving marketers more time to concentrate on analysis and strategy, and at the same time help them deliver more targeted communications.”

“The Real Magnet –netFORUM integration has been an exciting project for Benel. We have deep familiarity with netFORUM and it has been clear from the outset that this new Marketing Automation functionality will be tremendously useful to netFORUM users,” said Ben Muscolino, President of BENEL Solutions. “Our corporate mission is to empower our customers and partners through technology, and this powerful integration is a perfect example of a project that does just that. We look forward to continued work with Real Magnet!”

Real Magnet is planning or in the process of upgrading its integration with its other AMS and CRM partners, including, Microsoft CRM, Personify, iMIS, Aptify, and others.

About Real Magnet:

Real Magnet has been providing Associations with effective, easy-to-use marketing solutions since 2000. A leading netFORUM partner with more than 80 enterprise customers, Real Magnet combines Email, Social Publishing, and Marketing Automation in a single solution and all integrated with netFORUM. The platform also encompasses mobile messaging, analytics, survey and event management, and more – all from a single database. The Company is based in Bethesda, MD and has more than 1200 customers worldwide, including the National Association of Home Builders, Viacom (MTV/BET Networks), Accor Hotels, the New York City Bar Association and ComScore.