4 Signs You Need Marketing Automation


Your Marketing Campaigns Aren’t As Effective as You’d Like

You know that your products/services are highly regarded and that there is real market interest. Now all you need is more customers, right? Well, with Marketing Automation, you’ll have all the marketing campaign information at your disposal to make strategic decisions that will help convert more prospects.

With ongoing oversight of each campaign participant’s actions, you’ll be able to create more effective campaigns going forward, recognizing and focusing on the prospects that are more likely to purchase the product or offer that a given marketing campaign is promoting.

  • Marketing Automation captures the various data points that indicate interest – email activity, ad clicks, website visits, landing page conversions/abandonment, etc. and integrates all of this with the data in your database/CRM system, consolidating it and making it available for instantaneous use in marketing campaigns.
  • The reporting found in current Marketing Automation systems provides you with graphs, charts, and tables that are not only visually compelling but also incredibly useful.You can effortlessly browse through your campaign information, clicking on elements in a graphic report to drill down to the underlying data and easily comparing/contrasting the results of various campaigns to identify those campaigns and campaign components that are generating the best results.

Marketing Resources Are Stretched Thin

If your company has limited resources, Marketing Automation can help by reducing staff workload while at the same time improving the relevance and timeliness of outbound communications.

It does this by automating a wide range of repetitive and predictable tasks, eliminating the hours required to do things such as run reports, export results, update lists and manually execute email campaigns.

Companies using Marketing Automation enjoy a powerful and liberating transition – the internal conversation changes from HOW to execute campaigns to instead discussing WHAT the best and most effective campaigns would be. Because execution of campaigns is easy, Marketing Automation liberates marketing departments to focus on deciding which creative new projects to implement in order to achieve objectives.


You’d Like to Increase the Percentage of Prospects Who Actually Generate Revenue

Marketing Automation tracks the email and website activity of both customers and prospects, providing you valuable insights into the interests of each. For prospects, this capturing of email open/clicks, web ad clicks, and visits to the different pages of your website provides valuable insights into each person’s interests, allowing you to segment and tailor your messages on an individual basis – automatically.

  • Boost conversions by providing relevant information to each individual prospect at the right time. Your system will recognize the stage of the evaluation/purchase cycle that each potential customer is in and automatically send the messages that you’d like each such person to receive at that point in their buying journey.
  • With Marketing Automation, it’s easier to follow up on behavior that indicates an interest in your publication’s subscription benefits or your advertisers’ products. For example, if a non-subscriber clicks on a link in an email, your system can trigger an alert to your internal team or a relevant email or email series to that prospect – perhaps a discount offer or information on upcoming webinars. In addition, Abandonment capabilities allow you to set up email messages that will automatically be sent to individuals who have visited a subscription renewal form or product purchase page but then “abandoned”, meaning leaving the page without completing the renewal or purchase.

You can relax knowing that each potential customer is receiving exactly the message that you’ve decided is appropriate without requiring any staff effort.


You’re Not Re-Engaging Underengaged Customers

Think about the current marketing/email software you have in place, and ask yourself the following:

  • Are you easily able to recognize when a current customer seems less involved in your online content and/or programs than seems healthy? In other words, does your system bring to your attention underengaged customers who might not be deriving enough benefit from their purchase or subscription to renew or re-order when the time comes?
  • If you are aware of such customers, is your system able to automatically trigger alerts to your appropriate internal team and/or trigger email campaigns to each underengaged customer that encourage increased engagement based on what you know about each person’s individual interests and preferences? Can your system trigger these individually and based (if you wish), on the personal re-order/renewal dates of each at-risk customer?

No matter what services you offer your customers, Marketing Automation can deliver real benefits to your company if you can relate to any of the restrictions of older systems mentioned above. By upgrading to Marketing Automation you would have a system that monitors all the activity and information that you decide is meaningful and incorporates this data into tailored and timely multi-touch marketing campaigns. Contrast campaigns such as these with what your current systems allow you to produce and decide for yourself when Marketing Automation is going to makes sense for your organization.

Contrast campaigns such as these with the capabilities of your current systems and decide for yourself when Marketing Automation is going to make sense for your organization.