Have we automated Marketing Automation?

Automated Marketing Automation

A 2013 survey revealed that 92% of marketers chose EASE OF USE as the most important element in choosing a marketing automation system.

This is because, ironic as it is for systems designed to automate repetitive tasks and save staff time, the marketing automation systems available for the past decade have tended to be remarkably difficult to use – complicated, labor-intensive, and built more for coders than for end users.

Having served an an ESP for well over a decade, Real Magnet has long been developing functionality to simplify the lives of email marketers and enhance their capabilities to reach their audiences. After offering our “campaign” tool for many years, we noticed that we had all the pieces in place to take the next logical step towards Marketing Automation. In this sense, we built our solution from the ground up, with our expertise in email marketing serving as the backbone for our marketing automation module.

We think we’ve done it! Here’s how we automated Marketing Automation:

1) We Tailored our Solution for Marketers

Many of the older Marketing Automation providers seem to have started their development process in reverse: the user interfaces feel like they were designed by coders to logically automate the broad array of necessary processes rather than focusing on the actual end users (marketers) and the way we work. With Real Magnet Marketing Automation, we started with the marketer’s perspective, not the developers. What we ended up with is a Marketing Automation solution that is intuitive to use, forgiving if you need to make changes, and is so easy to implement you can get campaigns up and running within just minutes of your first login. This approach allowed us to shave weeks, if not months, from the training and implementation timelines, along with eliminating the need for dedicated marketing automation staff that most organizations find they need to use other systems.

2) Pre-Built Campaign Templates  

Knowing that most companies need to conduct a fairly standard array of campaigns for things like welcoming new customers, renewals, prospecting, event promotion, etc., we realized that we could do most of the work for you by providing pre-built campaign templates for each of these typical situations. We developed a guided campaign setup process that needs nothing from you other than the answers to simple fill-in-the-blank questions: Who do you want to be included in this campaign? “What do you want to send to them? When should each send take place?” Simple as that. It’s exceptionally straightforward and easy.

As an added convenience, each campaign provides you with a natural language summary at the end for easy review. These templates are extremely handy and dramatically reduce the time it takes to set up and launch a campaign – and if at times you need something a bit different, you can start with one of these templates and easily modify it or build whatever you want from scratch, just like with other systems.

3) We Play Well With Others

Everyone’s environment is a little bit different and every company has a unique need or process here or there. We support all of this by having a healthy variety of user-friendly ways to obtain information, send information, or exchange data with another system (like get the latest customer data from their CRM/customer database or know that a given customer has just made another). Our logic is that if we can provide 3 or 4 or 5 easy ways of doing something, at least one of these easy ways will work for each of our customers.

It’s all very well and good for us to describe our approach, but it’s much more meaningful to provide examples of what these breakthroughs means for associations like yours. Over the next few weeks we’ll show you how three classic campaign types are simplified and improved using Real Magnet’s Marketing Automation. The examples will be the following, although there are plenty more to choose from (and please let us know if you’d like to discuss others):

  • Welcoming New Customers
  • Customer Retention/Renewals
  • Event Promotions


Marketing Automation is tremendously helpful technology, and everyone likes the idea of better serving customers and prospects by automatically sending the right message to the right person at the right time. As useful as this is, however, the relatively high degree of difficulty of most existing systems has held back adoption. A threshold has been crossed, as we believe that our ease-of-use-centered approach (an approach made possible by good listening skills and genuine empathy for our customers’ challenges) has finally automated marketing automation.

Don’t take our word for it!

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