Marketing Automation 2015: No Longer Just for the Big Boys

Many of us in technology-driven industries have been intrigued for some time by Marketing Automation, but have not seriously considered implementing it at our own organizations.

We have all experienced Marketing Automation firsthand through Fortune 500-sized companies such as Amazon and Verizon and have known that the expectations of our own customers and prospects would inevitably rise as they experience and enjoy responsive, personalized interaction with the corporate behemoths that can afford and staff Marketing Automation solutions.

Your interest may have been piqued by anecdotal stories of the time-savings that Marketing Automation affords its users by eliminating the need for labor-intensive tasks such as importing, exporting, & updating lists, sorting data, etc., but the core obstacle always remained – it’s just too difficult, too expensive, and too complicated for all but the very largest and most committed organizations to implement.

2015 brings good news – the Marketing Automation industry has evolved and a threshold has been crossed. As always happens with technology, this category of software has steadily been made less complicated and more user-friendly to the point that it’s now possible to find Marketing Automation solutions that are simple. Easy. Accessible. And Affordable.

Marketing Automation will save you tremendous amounts of time by automating the myriad manual tasks associated with identifying and segmenting out your best prospects (based on opens, clicks, web page visits, landing page submissions, etc.).

Modern Marketing Automation systems offer sophisticated abandonment capabilities that not only allow you to create separate and customized abandonment paths for every combination of customer, prospect and situation, but also provide analytics with insights to help fine-tune the effectiveness of your abandonment efforts.

The data in your database, e-commerce, and other systems can be connected to your Marketing Automation system in novel and innovative ways, fueling your campaigns with your most current sales data and maximizing your conversion rates.

Further easing your entry into Marketing Automation is the fact that high-priority marketing campaigns such as prospecting for new customers, reselling and cross-selling to current customers, promoting new items, and recapturing customers who have not made a purchase in some time, etc. – are classic usages of Marketing Automation and not at all difficult to execute.

As you look ahead at ways to meet organizational goals and rising customer expectations in 2015 and beyond, consider Marketing Automation a newly-viable option. We’re proud to have contributed to the evolution of this technology and hope that our innovations represent the tipping point in Marketing Automation ease of use, effectiveness, and even cost for you and your organization.