Success Kit for Publishers: The Business Case for Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation can seem like an intimidating prospect. In the recent past the technology was complex, cumbersome and may have seemed more trouble than it’s worth. That’s all changed with Real Magnet’s Marketing Automation campaign templates and tools. Now that we’ve solved the technology issue we’d like to share the business cases for using Marketing Automation.

In this guide you’ll see the business case for Evolving from Email Marketing, see the 4 signs you need Marketing Automation, read about the 3 essential benefits of Marketing Automation and finally understand why Marketing Automation is no longer for the big boys.

There are nearly 11 times more organizations using marketing automation now than in 2011.
SiriusDecisions , “B-to-B Marketing Automation Study” (2014)

The Business Case for Evolving from Email Marketing to Marketing Automation

In these days of lean staffs and often leaner budgets, few publishers are willing to change the software systems they use unless the benefits are compelling. The remarkable adoption rate indicated in the metric above demonstrates that marketers at a large number of organizations are weighing the benefits and concluding that moving from Email Marketing to Marketing Automation makes sense for their business.

Has this helped them?

To answer that question, we’ve curated some of the more telling metrics to help demonstrate that moving from Email Marketing to Marketing Automation has been delivering on its promise. In addition, we compare and contrast what each of these two systems actually do so that you have the clearest possible understanding of how these benefits are achieved and the extent to which evolving in this manner will benefit your organization.

Companies that have adopted marketing automation perform well compared to companies that haven’t:

The Lenskold Group, “2013 Lead-Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study” (2013)

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4 Signs You Need Marketing Automation

No matter what services you offer your customers, Marketing Automation can deliver real benefits to your company if you can relate to any of the restrictions of older systems mentioned above. By upgrading to Marketing Automation you would have a system that monitors all the activity and information that you decide is meaningful and incorporates this data into tailored and timely multi-touch marketing campaigns. Contrast campaigns such as these with what your current systems allow you to produce and decide for yourself when Marketing Automation is going to makes sense for your organization.

Contrast campaigns such as these with the capabilities of your current systems and decide for yourself when Marketing Automation is going to make sense for your organization.

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The 3 Essential Benefits of Marketing Automation

If you’re like most publishers, there are things you’d like to improve about the way you communicate with your prospects and customers. You can envision the ideal sequence of messages that you’d like each of your various audiences to receive, but it’s challenging to ensure that all the different messages for lead generation, lead nurturing, new customer onboarding, customer cross-selling/upselling and customer retention takes place at just the right time for each individual recipient.

What if you could structure your communications so that each customer and prospect receives tailored and relevant messages, all triggered automatically at precisely the right time for each individual?

Marketing Automation is the answer. It is purpose-built to send the right message to the right person at the right time, and its benefits include:

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Marketing Automation ’15: No Longer Just for the Big Boys

Many of us in technology-driven industries have been intrigued for some time by Marketing Automation, but have not seriously considered implementing it at our own organizations.

We have all experienced Marketing Automation firsthand through Fortune 500-sized companies such as Amazon and Verizon and have known that the expectations of our own customers and prospects would inevitably rise as they experience and enjoy responsive, personalized interaction with the corporate behemoths that can afford and staff Marketing Automation solutions.

Your interest may have been piqued by anecdotal stories of the time-savings that Marketing Automation affords its users by eliminating the need for labor-intensive tasks such as importing, exporting, & updating lists, sorting data, etc., but the core obstacle always remained – it’s just too difficult, too expensive, and too complicated for all but the very largest and most committed organizations to implement.

2015 brings good news – the Marketing Automation industry has evolved and a threshold has been crossed. As always happens with technology, this category of software has steadily been made less complicated and more user-friendly to the point that it’s now possible to find Marketing Automation solutions that are simple. Easy. Accessible. And Affordable.

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