Automated Event Promotion

Marketing Automation for Event Promotion

Events, whether web-based meetings such as webinars or in-person gatherings such as conferences, are of central importance to many publishers.

Properly promoting these is typically a time-consuming challenge for most event teams, but 2015 brings good news: the core functionality of Marketing Automation maps perfectly to Event Promotion, making it one of the activity areas that benefit most from Marketing Automation’s ability to send the right message to the right person at the right time – automatically.

The core benefits of Marketing Automation for Event Promotion include the following:

  • Improved Understanding of Invitee Segments
  • Tailored and More Relevant Invitations/Messaging
  • Recapture of Potential Registrants who “Abandoned”
  • Time Savings for the Events/Marketing Team

Improved Understanding of Invitee Segments

Marketing Automation monitors the different ways that each individual in your universe of invitees expresses interest in a topic – email opens, email link clicks, visits to specific pages of your website, downloads of white papers, registrations for other events, etc.

With all of this at your disposal, it’s easy to identify the different interest areas that exist among your invitees and use this understanding to create segments for your event invitations. Modern Marketing Automation systems make it easy for you to group together those individuals who have shown interest in a certain topic so that you can communicate with them in a more relevant way.

Tailored and More Relevant Invitations/Messaging

Once you’ve created segments, you’ll want to send invitations that emphasize why people who are interested in that topic should attend your event.

“Our first experience with marketing automation was a real eye-opener,” says Lane Boyd, Digital Communications Manager for THA. “We used to write an email, send it out to 5,000 members, look at the results, and then rinse and repeat until the campaign ended,” he says.

“Now, instead of sending one message to everyone, we’re thinking twice about what we put into our emails, looking at who members are and which messages should go where.”

Recapture of Potential Registrants who “Abandoned” Much like online shopping cart reminders, modern Marketing Automations systems offer the benefits of abandonment functionality for event registrations,automatically sending reminders to invitees who clicked to register, but then left the registration page before completing their registration.

“The abandonment component is really important,” says Lane of THA. “If a reader clicked but then didn’t register, the abandonment series kicked in. I didn’t have to do a thing”

Time Savings for the Events/Marketing Team

Ongoing updating of registration reports and invitee lists is typically a labor-intensive drain on event staff time. Marketing Automation, however, tracks each registrant and automatically removes them from future invitation campaigns and moves them into a registrant campaign (that will include all the emails you plan to send to registrants). This saves significant staff time, an important benefit for the stretched-thin staff at most publishers, and eliminates the possibility of error.

“There’s no reason why every organization shouldn’t be using marketing automation,”

Marketing Automation for Events

Whether for webinars or conferences, the ability of Marketing Automation to send the right message to the right person at the right time, automatically, allows event teams to optimize registrations while saving time.

Lane counsels his peers considering marketing automation to go for it. “There’s no reason why every organization shouldn’t be using marketing automation,”  he says. “Because the email messages contain tiny, live bits of information, they’re not static; they’re out there doing work for you. Marketing automation brings your email to life.” He also says that although the automation itself is complex, using a marketing automation platform doesn’t have to be.

The great thing about Real Magnet’s system is that it’s so easy,” he says. “We set up the campaign very quickly, let it run, and then were able to focus in other directions to get more numbers.” He also points to the platform’s easy reporting approach. “The reporting is simple and intuitive,” he says. “You can watch what you’re doing on the charts instead of having to run reports to get your data. You can see what’s happening right in your dashboard, so watching the numbers is part of the fun.

While some new technologies take time to make an impact, the benefits of Marketing Automation are immediate and significant. THA exceeded its registration goals for its annual event and are extremely excited to have identified a range of additional initiatives that Marketing Automation will now make possible. Explore for yourself how Real Magnet Marketing Automation can help maximize results for your events!

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