Marketing Automation CRM Integration No Longer Just An Option

Until very recently, the discussion of marketing automation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integration was often near the end of the conversation between organization’s looking to roll out Marketing Automation and Marketing Automation service providers. Today, such a topic is now at the start of the conversations, as organizations have realized they require a holistic view of both their customer data and their marketing efforts.

CRM software and centralized databases are a treasure trove of information that is waiting to be utilized to craft personalized campaigns which will lead to higher performance and engagement.

“Marketing automation integration is now a corporate necessity.”

Marketing Automation solutions that are integrated with these CRM systems enable companies to connect all of the dots for each individual – giving them targeted, customized content that will be more relevant, interesting, and engaging for each recipient. Organizations utilizing Marketing Automation but without an integrated CRM are only half-way there. The full impact of Marketing Automation (and the high engagement marketer’s are looking for) can only be realized when your Marketing Automation platform is integrated with your organization’s CRM.

Having disparate systems and departments is no longer a viable way for businesses marketing efforts to succeed. Teams and platforms must work together and information can no longer siloed in their respective platforms.

CRM integration is no longer just an option or a luxury for marketing teams. It is a corporate necessity that will facilitate future growth to improve the bottom line. Your organization is also at a disadvantage to those organizations that have adopted Marketing Automation and have integrated CRM.  Your recipient’s time is a finite resource and if they’re  receiving highly targeted communications from other service providers already you may lose the battle for their attention.

It’s a slippery slope when it comes to crafting marketing campaigns without the right data to back such messages. This is why organizations must realize that CRM integration is the key to making everything come into focus for your organization as well as your recipients.