Marketing Automation Market is Taking Off on Global Scale

Marketing plays an essential role in helping brands connect with customers and clients. Campaigns must deliver timely and focused content to audiences. In recent years, automation has taken hold of how businesses send such messages, whether through email, social media, mobile and other advertising channels.

Marketing automation makes it simple for organizations to establish templates and begin campaigns in only minutes. With such functionality available, the global marketplace for such solutions is expanding at a healthy rate on a global scale. A new Frost & Sullivan report indicated the industry will achieve “phenomenal growth” between 2014 and 2020.

“Marketing automation’s functionality is making the solution expand globally.”

Integration is one capability that is defining current marketing automation solutions. These tools helped companies deliver messages mostly through Web and email channels. Today, brands are connecting with customers on an even broader scale, thanks to the popularity of social media and mobile devices. Frost & Sullivan explained this cross-channel approach is driving the popularity of automated suites, which include traditional methods with other campaigns, including search and display advertising.

Maximize results, efficiency with marketing automation
Companies considering implementing marketing automation suites can greatly benefit from incorporating these tools into their multi-channel operations. Businesses can communicate with customers on so many levels that having disparate systems for marketing purposes may make it more challenging to deliver streamlined messages to the masses.

With automated solutions, organizations are always receiving feedback from their consumers. A CMSWire report detailed how marketing automation tools function in this regard. The news source explained brands can view how customers complete form submissions, click links and open emails. The data generated by these interactions is valuable for crafting stronger relationships based on insight, not guesswork. For example, marketers leveraging this content can make recommendations based on people’s interests, past history and activity.

Efficiency is also improved through marketing automation. CMSWire noted these solutions improve responses by offering answers to frequently asked questions. In this scenario, customers avoid repetitive inquiries common in early sales cycles.

If new consumers receive the support they desire without going through multiple steps, businesses can devote more resources toward customers who have more pressing service issues, the news source added.

Businesses searching for competitive advantages should consider replacing their outdated marketing methods in favor of automated systems. These tools enable brands to offer personalized and engaging content to audiences, establishing healthier relationships that can improve referral rates, leading to stronger return on investments and profit margins.

With so many advantages in one package, it is no wonder that marketing automation solutions are becoming global fixtures.