Apple Watch is here and while only a lucky few early adopters have them on their wrist the potential impact on email (and communication in general) seems unquestionable. Below, we outline some of the limitations and provide email marketing best practices for making the most marketing impact on Apple Watch:

Sweet Car Bro1. Plain Text Email: In most cases the Apple Watch strips out all the CSS, HTML, and hosted images when viewing emails on the watch itself. Only embedded images* will be preserved.

*Images other than sweet looking cars have not yet been tested.

2. Links: Greyed out and un-actionable! Recipients can only see that links are present – they must utilize handoff to visit destination links and calls to action.

3. View Web / Mobile Version: Marketers utilizing the View Web / Mobile version will be disappointed to learn that since links are un-actionable it’s pointless to include it in the text version of their messages. The one consolation for marketers is that no one ever clicked that link anyways.

Apple Watch will also help out by including this warning message when it can’t display your email: “The full version of this message isn’t available on Apple Watch. But you can read it on your iPhone”.

4. Tracking: A data obsessed marketer’s worst nightmare – Apple Watch opens are untraceable! This has to do to the fact that remote images are not enabled in the email client. Also, since links aren’t clickable there (obviously) won’t be any click tracking.

5. Pre-Header Text: You are using pre-header text, right? Since Apple Watch gives such little real estate and your recipient’s quick glance is make or break, you should be utilizing clear and clever pre-header text to ensure maximum engagement.

Below we’ve included an image of the same message on Apple Watch, iPhone and iMac to show the display disparity between devices. We hope you’ve found this Email overview on Apple Watch helpful (and we hope all of you who pre-ordered get your Apple Watch before July!) Follow us on Twitter for more info on Apple Watch and Email Marketing!