Reinvest Time Saved From Marketing Automation Into Other Tasks

Successful marketing campaigns require the right messages to be sent to the right audience at the right time. To do this, marketers need to analyze key performance metrics, which starts with generating that data in the first place. Because marketing automation solutions save time by helping organizations set up and launch campaigns, all while interpreting critical performance data more quickly, that time saved can (and should) be reinvested back into refining the strategy.

“Marketing automation users can spend more time on important tasks.”

Analytics Deep Dives
There are a lot of metrics that marketers monitor, and at first glance, they might not all seem relevant. With time on your hands, take a second glance – or even better – do a deep dive.  Spend time looking at the metrics that defy conventional wisdom. By approaching your audience from a different angle, you might uncover a valuable nugget of information that can influence a campaign strategy for the better. Your next million-dollar idea might be in the last place you expected.

A/B Tests
A/B testing – testing multiple variants of a marketing element in tandem to find the best performer – is one of the best ways to gather information about what to do next. Inexplicably, diligent A/B testing is often put on the backburner. Good marketing software will directly or indirectly make A/B testing easier to set up, execute and analyze. By consistently trying to “dethrone the king,” marketers ensure only the most vetted elements – be they email templates, ad copies or banner images – stick around.

Personalized Landing Pages
Landing pages are essential to any lead generation or ecommerce strategy, but too often marketers use a one-size-fits-all approach in a situation where personalization is paramount. Reinvest spare time into fleshing out landing pages to uniquely address the audience being spoken to, whether it be an organic landing page or paid traffic landing page. Most MA software offers robust landing page tools to aid in the process. Whether it’s adding social-sharing buttons, modifying data-capture fields, recoloring link, changing images or retooling text, there are ways to further encourage conversion.

Social Media Messaging
Social media marketing is also a great beneficiary of experimentation, so organizations can maintain their current customer bases while learning to reach new audiences. Whether it’s introducing a presence on a new social media channel, contributing to a new group, executing a social contest, participating in social advertising, or updating visuals, there are always ways to modernize a social media strategy. There is also a good chance that your marketing automation software can help with the experimentation process here as well.

The insights gleaned from marketing automation will help create a beneficial feedback loop. Future campaigns become easier to implement, easier to analyze and, ultimately, more effective.