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Top Tips For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Top Tips For Successful Email Marketing Campaigns

Email is one of the strongest channels any brand can use to reach out to loyal and potential customers. The platform is the perfect way for companies to have personalized digital conversations with audiences – something radio, television or print advertising cannot do.

Entrepreneur contributor Eric Krattenstein recently detailed best practices regarding email marketing. Businesses that have yet to experience the results they seek through their email campaigns can follow these valuable tips to make necessary improvements to their campaigns.

“The most effective email campaigns are personalized and backed by marketing solutions.”

Make it personal
Krattenstein explained brands must personalize subject lines to connect with audiences. Companies that want to create effective messages should use the recipient’s name, city or address in the headline to improve open rates.

Krattenstein noted emails with infographics and videos are more effective than campaigns with just words, since this content creates “buzz.” Brands should also determine whether certain customers prefer to receive blog content, newsletters or discount promotions to make sure recipients look forward to each communication.

Bring in the right tools
As businesses better understand what is required to use email to connect with audiences on a personal level, companies should also consider implementing efficient marketing tools to heighten effectiveness. Some solutions offer easy-to-use templates that make constructing messages, implementing dynamic content and and adding social links a breeze.

Today, customers are checking their email accounts from more devices than ever. Sure, plenty still access their messages through PCs, but the popularity of tablets and smartphones and even wearable devices means audiences can quickly see their emails regardless of physical location.

An email marketing tool that does not incorporate mobile channels is not worth much to brands that want to connect with their audiences. Solutions that do support these popular gadgets include design templates suited for smaller screens.

Measure the results
Executing a campaign without attempting to measure the results is a waste of time. This is why marketers choose email marketing automation tools that track performance with advanced analytics, as well as standardized and customizable reports.

Marketing automation solutions are also easy to use, allowing organizations to select from industry-specific templates to launch campaigns in only minutes. The time gained by using these tools allows marketers to focus more on analysis, experimenting with new strategies and conducting customer follow-ups that can lead to the audience breakthrough marketers seek.

By focusing on targeted, personalized messages, adopting accessible marketing automation solutions and measuring performance, companies should see the results of their refined strategies almost immediately.