Capitalize on Google’s new Twitter integration

Brands competing in the digital age need to stay on their toes as they navigate the nuances of a Web-driven economy, and tracking the developments of search juggernaut Google is a top responsibility in this regard. Strategic leaders must view Google as an ally in their marketing and branding efforts, as the platform is a go-to resource for consumers and businesses in every corner of the globe. This means being on top of the changes and adjustments Google makes, especially in terms of how it organizes search results and what it prioritizes.

“Brands must view Google as an ally in their marketing efforts.”

Tweets make an impact
While Google has so far kept its Twitter integration plans under wraps, recent headlines show that these two Web giants are teaming up like never before, with real-time tweets now being indexed by the search engine.

Although the current configuration is limited to mobile devices, noted WebProNews, normal desktop integration is expected soon, and Twitter will benefit from this approach considering 88 percent of its revenue is derived from mobile ad revenue. Of course,Google will also enjoy greater engagement and a more diverse set of information to source.

WebProNews explained that Google will also feature rich media found in trending tweets at the top of the mobile search page, which will encourage Twitter users to include more videos, images and GIFs in their updates. As always, a variety of factors will determine how much traction a tweet will gain once indexed in the Google database, including the popularity of the user or the number of shares a message has already accumulated. As Google and Twitter continue to experiment and refine their partnership, more details will be revealed about these developments.

Marketers brace for change
So, what does this strategic alliance mean for business leaders looking to boost brand recognition and stay ahead of consumer trends? First and foremost, strategists will have to reconsider the value of a tweet from a search engine optimization standpoint, which will undoubtedly rise as more companies take advantage of these developments. Also, the voice of the customer will also be made loud and clear with these new features, placing more pressure on brands to ensure quality outreach and support.

“Tweets from customers about issues or bad service experiences could be on the front page,” said Conversocial CEO Joshua March, according to the source. “If businesses have a social first approach to customer service then they can tackle these quickly and head on, creating positive engagements that will show up instead. This deal has the potential to accelerate the kind of service-related Twitter crises many brands have already experienced.”

Businesses also have the opportunity to be more aggressive with their tweets now, but can’t lose sight of their own identities. Fourth Source pointed out that brands will have to ensure that their own tweets are tied explicitly to their brand properties, as Google will prioritize entities as they index tweets in this new dynamic. At the end of the day, marketers must develop – and execute – a balanced plan that plays to the nuances of this new partnership.