5 Ways to Maximize Member Engagement

Mobile Strategy

Mobile-Friendly Messages: a Summer "Call to Action" Strategy

In addition to streamlining the layout of your message so that it’s legible and appealing on a mobile device, also allow for the fact that your recipients might have an interest in reading a white paper or viewing an infographic, but might not be ready to do so at the moment they receive your email. Provide an option that lets them place a download reminder on their calendar for when they are back in the office.


Reprise Your Greatest Hits

Halfway through the year, let your members know which pieces were most widely-read by their fellow members. You can offer a “Top 5” or “Top 10” list of the most popular content, both overall (across all categories) and within each category. The categories can be created just for this purpose and may help you better understand your members’ current interests.


Show Each Member that You're Aware of their Interests

Note the types of content they consume most frequently and offer them any appropriate pieces that they seem to have missed. This is very easy to do if you’re using a Marketing Automation system (which will keep track of downloads/clicks and automatically personalize each email you send so that each recipient is offered only things they haven’t yet read). It’s less easy to do without such a system, but taking manual steps to make it possible can be worthwhile, both to maximize your campaign results and to show each member that you’re aware of their interests.


Ask for Their Input

Provide a link to a survey that asks member/constituent opinion on how your association is doing this year – what members have found most beneficial, least beneficial, and what they’d most like to see from your organization during the second half of the year. You can consider offering a few “open text/free response” questions so that those (relatively few) members who are so inclined can write their thoughts out and potentially offer out-of-box ideas. Prepare some form of simple follow-up for all members who do respond – even a generic acknowledgement that their responses have been received and appreciated is an important touch.


Build Your Content Bank

This final tip relates to maximizing Member Engagement later in the year – write “evergreen” content that can be used when things get busy again in the Fall. If you know you need event promotion emails later in the year, write them during quiet periods of the Summer. Even if you decide to make modifications when the time comes, you’ll be glad that you’ve got these drafts to work from.