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WWDC highlights: What every marketer needs to know

WWDC highlights: What every marketer needs to know

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference wrapped up this past Friday, and like most tech events of its kind, the innovators at Apple came with a host of exciting new developments that are sure to shake up the consumer and business markets. From the announcement of revamped desktop and iPhone operating systems to the new Apple Music streaming service, the tech giant impressed global viewers as they tuned in for yet another groundbreaking WWDC.

“These trends will change how brands conduct campaigns and communications for years to come.”

From a marketing standpoint, the conference included a handful of highlights that will directly impact how brands conduct campaigns and communications for years to come. To help marketers take advantage of these developments before they are swept into the mainstream, here’s a list of WWDC’s biggest announcements for the marketing landscape.

Watch out for emails
The Apple Watch is gradually seeing a wider set of application support and features as it gains consumer momentum, and according to an article from The Verge, the latest software update will include some major performance upgrades that will affect marketing efforts everywhere. The source explained that watchOS 2 will let users respond to emails on the go, rather than restricting them to view-only mode. This will open up plenty of opportunities for email newsletter recipients to engage with campaigns more directly, and offer marketers new sources of data to draw from.

Additionally, the Apple Watch OS upgrade will enrich the device with a variety of new content-heavy applications, from HealthKit to HomeKit and schedule-aware software, that will give marketers the chance to more closely align their efforts with the preferences of audience members. As the Apple Watch sees more widespread adoption, mastery of these platforms may prove invaluable.

A new avenue content
While most iPhone users already have a diverse array of content channels to draw from at all times, an innovative news application featured on iOS 9 will change the way publishers distribute their material, according to 9to5 Mac. The app will feature a highly customizable news feed that not only tracks user patterns, but also encourages individuals to author their own content. This will let brands establish themselves in a relatively new arena of content distribution and blaze new trails toward heightened user engagement.

In addition to offering traction for marketing efforts, the new application will also serve as a promising platform for generating ad revenue. Apple has stated that content publishers can see up to 100 percent of the money made through advertisements if they engineer the campaigns, and that 70 percent of this revenue can be attained through channels such as iAd.

Closing thoughts
These two announcements will certainly shake things up from a marketing standpoint, but Apple revealed a few other developments that may have a residual impact on these efforts down the line. For instance, SIRI will now allow users to set reminders to read content at a designated time, ensuring that no message goes unread. Also, the iPhone was given a Power Save mode that will allow for more content consumption and engagement. With these new tools at their disposal, marketers will have plenty of new opportunities to succeed.