Are You Equipped to Maximize Email Marketing Results?

While plenty of new and exciting digital channels have made their way into the marketing mix in recent years, email campaigns aren’t going anywhere. In fact, they are making a resurgence thanks to a range of tools and techniques that allow marketers to more accurately craft campaigns and track results.


“Visual appeal and content diversity are key to a winning email.”

But even with an open mind and innovative campaign ideas, the marketing department won’t be able to make the most of this buzzing email atmosphere unless it is fully equipped with dedicated technologies that enable creative and tactical efforts. Here are a handful of software assets that will prove invaluable for email marketers as they build and refine campaigns moving forward:

1. Intuitive content development apps: Visual appeal and content diversity are two well-known ingredients to a successful email marketing campaign.

As a recent blog article from Marketing Profs pointed out, brands are taking a more experimental approach to newsletter development, trying unfamiliar mixes of video, images and social media material to spice up their messages and keep readers engaged. Real-time content is in the spotlight, offering a level of value never before seen in this relatively static channel of communication.

Nevertheless, many in-house teams struggle to create the compelling, engaging newsletters that set their brands apart in the crowded inboxes of today’s consumers. This is where content creation and editing technology can offer a much-needed boost to the typical in-house marketing team, allowing strategists to bring their visions to life in an easy and intuitive manner. Even if marketers lack formal training in design or UX optimization, cutting-edge software solutions let them incorporate these high-value visual and multimedia components that lead to real results.

2. Automated and intelligent delivery: When it comes to the distribution of email newsletters, few techniques have yielded more impressive and consistent results than automation platforms, especially those that draw from detailed databases of personalized consumer information. Not only are today’s customers more likely to click on an automated message, but these types of newsletters bring about higher conversion rates and generally lead to better engagement metrics.

For instance, according to Entrepreneur, an automated approach boosts click rates by 119 percent over broadcast emails, while the technique is 50 percent more likely to result in a sale, compared to basic message content. Companies that have dedicated automation solutions in place will therefore be at a major advantage when the time comes to distribute emails to consumers and prospects.

3. Mobile-enabled newsletters and CTAs: The modern consumer wants the ability to access email newsletters in all their glory, regardless of the device in use. This means that mobile optimization is a must for any marketing campaign, and no element of the newsletter can be lost in translation as it makes its way to the smartphone screen. In fact, Entrepreneur pointed to a SuperMonitoring report which showed that 57 percent of users wouldn’t recommend a business if it does not have a functional mobile site.

“Mobile design is all about making emails easier to scan and engage with on a mobile device,” explained Entrepreneur contributor Cynthia Price. “It means creating content that’s easy to see and simple to consume, so when designing for mobile, it’s best to use big, bold images, large fonts and easy-to-tap call-to-action buttons.”

Every marketing team has a game plan for maximizing the tried-and-true email newsletter campaign, but in this competitive landscape, a basic approach to development and distribution won’t cut it. Departments that incorporate these three components of campaign creation will surely stand out in the eyes of today’s hard-to-please consumers.