Does Your Organization Utilize These Email Marketing Essentials?

Email has long held its position as a staple of the modern marketing mix, withstanding the test of time as a wider range of channels emerge from the digital revolution. However, the methods of email content development and distribution have evolved dramatically, with recipient expectations rising along with increased competition in the average consumer inbox. It is now necessary for campaign strategists to revamp their approaches to this longstanding format and adjust their efforts to meet a higher standard of personalization and value.

“Consumer-focused marketing has taken center stage.”

With 61 percent of businesses funneling more money and resources into their email strategies in 2015, according to Business2Community, brand leaders have their work cut out for them. To ensure that these boosted budgets deliver on their potential, here are a few essential email marketing tips that every team should be leveraging as they round out their 2015 efforts and look toward the future.

Keep things short and sweet
While email has traditionally been viewed as a medium for long-form messages and experimentation with unique content formats, experts now believe that shorter, value-packed messages are more effective in terms of generating leads and keeping readers engaged. Business2Community explained that it’s not all about text – brands should be also using videos, images and GIFs to make a statement.

This concept rings true particularly in the mobile arena where, according to eMarketer, Harland Clarke Digital research found that nearly half (45 percent) of emails are opened and read by modern consumers. Campaign leaders should remember that with so many other channels competing for the attention of mobile end users, emails should be compact, to the point and include plenty of calls to action that encourage further brand engagement.

Use segmentation and automation
Innovative marketers have always segmented their email databases in creative ways to more effectively target certain reader types, and now, automation platforms are making it easier than ever to develop advanced segmentation strategies. Properly segmenting campaigns promotes an indiviualized experience, a concept which is currently at the center of the marketing universe.

Business2Community even pointed to Experian Market Services research showing that personalized emails are six times more likely to lead to a conversion than a generic email strategy.

“Each email should be custom-made for every user and must be based on click-throughs, browsing history, purchasing history, and overall online behavior,” explained Business2Community. “This 2015, no marketer should send newsletters to their entire mailing list without segmenting.”

Track campaign progress closely
Every brand knows the importance of a strong metrics profile when managing email campaigns, but some organizations only see a small sliver of the situation by limiting their range of performance indicators. The news source suggested not only tracking open-rate metrics, but also looking into bounce rates to gauge where readers are turning their attention.

Of course, it’s important to follow the consumer journey across channels for the complete picture. By executing these simple disciplines, a brand will surely rise above the challenges of today’s tough email marketing dynamics.